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Shadow's CurseSHADOW’S CURSE


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Regency England era)

Series: Imnada Brotherhood #2

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.

  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Books (September 24, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451672926
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451672923


Can the magic of desire defeat the powers of darkness?

Forced by her half brother to use her dark gift of necromancy for profit, lovely Callista Hawthorne is determined to flee to her one chance for safety, her aunt in Scotland. With no hope of success unless she finds help on the long road north, she offers cursed shapechanger David St. Leger an irresistible bargain.

David—one of the mysterious Imnada—stalks the night streets of Regency London as a large black wolf. Renounced by his own kind, he spends his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. While Callista’s proposal will allow him to escape the terrible enchantment binding him, agreeing to her terms will force him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey Other, his clan’s ancient foes.

Drawn together by danger, David and Callista find passion in each other’s arms. But can they forswear the centuries of enmity separating their two races, and find a love they dare not even imagine?


SHADOW’S CURSE by Alexa Egan is an intriguing Paranormal Romance set during the Regency England era,1817. #2 in the “Imnada Brotherhood”, but can be read as a stand alone. See, “Demon’s Curse”, although, I would suggest reading this first, just for background information. Callista Hawthorne,necromancer, gifted so by the Fey blood on her maternal side.  And  David St. Leger is an Imnada exile, a shapechanger, who shifts into a wolf, he suffers from a curse and its deadly palliative and plagues the streets of London. He is captured by Victor Corey, who Callista has been promised to by her dreadful brother, Branston for his ill gain. Together David and Callista must face their worst fears. Callista offers David a proposal he can’t refuse if he wishes to escape Mr. Corey. But agreeing to her terms forces him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey,his clans sworn enemy. Danger and passion drawn them together, but can they bring the two foes together with their love for each other? Their life blood,and  their love for each other could just be the one thing both clans is searching for….

Fast paced and adventure filled. With danger, destiny, a curse, and the power of true love. If you enjoy Paranormal romance than I would suggest you pick up “Shadow’s Curse”. Well written, with engaging and sometimes charming characters. The storyline is interesting as well as intriguing. Received for an honest review from the publisher.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


THE SCOTTISH WITCH by Cathy Maxwell…review

*Image from the author’s website*

The Scottish Witch



Genre: Historical Romance/Paranormal (Scottish)

Series: The Chattan Curse #2

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.

*From the author’s website*

Publisher: Avon Books
October 30, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-207023-4
ISBN-10: 0-06-207023-1


“If love means death . . . is it worth the price?”

Portia Maclean believes she is beyond love and marriage. Then one moonlit night, while attempting a daring masquerade in a desperate bid to protect her family, she finds herself swept off her feet by a powerful stranger. But what will he do once he discovers she has betrayed him?

Harry Chattan is fighting for his family. For two hundred years the Chattan men have been destroyed by love . . . and now he’s come to Scotland on the hunt for a witch to break the curse. Instead he finds himself bewitched by Portia. Harry has vowed to fight the demons that torture him.

But will that battle destroy her as well?



THE SCOTTISH WITCH by Cathy Maxwell is an intriguing and interesting historical romance with paranormal elements. Book #2 of “The Chattan Curse”,See “Lyon’s Bride”. While, “A Scottish Witch” can be read as a stand alone, I would suggest reading Book 1 first, to get the just of the curse and why the three siblings are on a guest to find the witch who cursed them and their loved ones. Three siblings,Lyon,Harry and Margaret Chattan,whose ancestors,The Chattan’s, where cursed centuries ago by a witch,if they fall in love, they will die.The original Chattan,Charles, marries an English bride after being hand fasted to a Scottish lass,who later commits suicide,on the day of his wedding. Thus,cursed by her Scottish mother,who dies with her daughter.

In “The Scottish Witch” Harry,sets out to save his older brother,Lyon from the curse and find a way to break the curse. But what he finds is Portia Maclean,while both Portia and Harry believe they are beyond love,moonlit nights,enchanting dances,find them not so immuned after all. “The Scottish Witch” is full of twists and turns,magic,a force to reckon with,love for family,love of siblings,the desire to break a curse from centuries ago,save a family,and love forever. A must read for anyone who enjoys Scottish lore,curses,historical romance and a lot of love. Filled with passion,danger,and desire. “The Scottish Witch” is a absolute pleasure to read.Fast paced with enchanting characters who will steal your heart away. I can hardly wait for Margaret’s story. Can the curse be broken in time to save the siblings? Ms. . Maxwell has written a story that not only holds your attention but holds your heart also. Received for an honest review from the publisher. Details can be found at the author’s website,Avon Books,an imprint Harper Collins Publishers,and My Book Addiction and More.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews

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