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Shadow's CurseSHADOW’S CURSE


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Regency England era)

Series: Imnada Brotherhood #2

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.

  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Books (September 24, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451672926
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451672923


Can the magic of desire defeat the powers of darkness?

Forced by her half brother to use her dark gift of necromancy for profit, lovely Callista Hawthorne is determined to flee to her one chance for safety, her aunt in Scotland. With no hope of success unless she finds help on the long road north, she offers cursed shapechanger David St. Leger an irresistible bargain.

David—one of the mysterious Imnada—stalks the night streets of Regency London as a large black wolf. Renounced by his own kind, he spends his desperate rage on thieves and murderers. While Callista’s proposal will allow him to escape the terrible enchantment binding him, agreeing to her terms will force him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey Other, his clan’s ancient foes.

Drawn together by danger, David and Callista find passion in each other’s arms. But can they forswear the centuries of enmity separating their two races, and find a love they dare not even imagine?


SHADOW’S CURSE by Alexa Egan is an intriguing Paranormal Romance set during the Regency England era,1817. #2 in the “Imnada Brotherhood”, but can be read as a stand alone. See, “Demon’s Curse”, although, I would suggest reading this first, just for background information. Callista Hawthorne,necromancer, gifted so by the Fey blood on her maternal side.  And  David St. Leger is an Imnada exile, a shapechanger, who shifts into a wolf, he suffers from a curse and its deadly palliative and plagues the streets of London. He is captured by Victor Corey, who Callista has been promised to by her dreadful brother, Branston for his ill gain. Together David and Callista must face their worst fears. Callista offers David a proposal he can’t refuse if he wishes to escape Mr. Corey. But agreeing to her terms forces him into the treacherous world of the half-Fey,his clans sworn enemy. Danger and passion drawn them together, but can they bring the two foes together with their love for each other? Their life blood,and  their love for each other could just be the one thing both clans is searching for….

Fast paced and adventure filled. With danger, destiny, a curse, and the power of true love. If you enjoy Paranormal romance than I would suggest you pick up “Shadow’s Curse”. Well written, with engaging and sometimes charming characters. The storyline is interesting as well as intriguing. Received for an honest review from the publisher.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More



Deadly Holiday (A Deadly Trilogy Christmas Novella)DEADLY HOLIDAY


Genre: Romantic Suspense (Holiday Novella)

Series: Deadly Trilogy (Christmas Novella)

Source: Received as a gift from the author.

  • Paperback: 190 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 16, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1480296244
  • ISBN-13: 978-1480296244

Book Description(From  Amazon)

Publication Date: November 16, 2012
Deadly Holiday is a fast-paced, suspenseful novella that will touch your heart. It’s part of The Deadly Trilogy and can be read as a stand-alone novella (97 pages).
**Note: Deadly Holiday is a short 32,973 word, 100 page romantic suspense novella with bonus material.** It is not a full-length novel.
Overview It is four days before Christmas and all is not quiet as the characters you grew to love in The Deadly Trilogy books fight their inner demons, deception, and pray for miracles in this action-packed novella. Shawn Isaac is a bright five-year-old who has experienced more than his share of domestic violence and abuse. His disappearance, the day he testifies against his father, terrifies a county who has already lost three young women to a vicious serial killer. What secret drives him into hiding as a deadly winter snowstorm bears down upon the the area, putting those who love him most at risk? Anne Mason-Brandt escaped the wrath of a vicious serial killer five years before. But the fear she had then is nothing compared to the terror instilled by a life-threatening disease and a secret that could blow her and Michael’s happy marriage apart. Is love enough? Nine months pregnant, Jennifer Brennan-Stone has a secret that will change Blake’s and her life forever. She’s already lost one baby and this pregnancy has her on bed-rest. Can they find a small boy who doesn’t want to be found before it’s too late? Frankie and Lane Hansen are having an up-close-and-personal impact to their finances thanks to a lousy economy. One of them has a secret that could make a bad situation even worse. Tim Brennan and his wife, Megan fell in love with their pink Victorian house the first year of their marriage more than thirty years before. As Megan plans to turn their lovely home into a bed and breakfast, Tim is unsure he can share his wife, home and memories with strangers. If you liked the books of The Deadly Trilogy: Deadly Offerings, Deadly Deception and Deadly Relations, you’ll LOVE this nail-biting, holiday-themed novella where the characters return to search for a lost boy, fight breast cancer, deal with the personal financial impact of a bad economy, and seek a Christmas miracle.

Now available on Amazon, B& N and Smashwords!


DEADLY HOLIDAY by Alexa Grace is an exciting romantic suspense. A delightful Christmas novella,such is part of the “Deadly” trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone. See,”Deadly Offerings”,”Deadly Deception”, and “Deadly Relations”. With search and rescue,danger,deceit,lies,a fight with breast cancer,secrets,domestic violence,romance,and love. The characters return from the “Deadly” Trilogy to help with this nail biting suspense to hopes of finding a Christmas miracle. Ms. Grace has done it again with this fast paced,quick read that is not only suspenseful,but heart lifting at a time when we all need a little Christmas cheer. Amazing story. More please….Received as a gift from the author. For more information please visit the author’s website,CreateSpace publishing,and My Book Addiction and More.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews


DEADLY DECEPTIONS by Alexa Grace… review…



Genre: Romantic Suspense

Series: Deadly Trilogy(Book #2)

Source: Received for an honest review from the author.

Paperback:314 pages

Publisher:CreateSpace (June 14, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1477584606

Deadly Deception(from the author’s website)    Available now!
She’s found the man of her dreams. If only she can find it in her heart to forgive him.
Frankie Douglas has a problem. She wants to rid the world of a baby-trafficking killer. The only way to do that is to partner with the man who broke her heart.
They’ve been warned. Getting personally involved with a partner can put cases and lives at risk.  Going undercover as husband and wife, Lane and Frankie struggle to keep their relationship strictly personal as their sizzling passion threatens to burn out of control.
Note: This title was changed to Deadly Deception from Deadly Delivery, which was referred to at end of Deadly Offerings

DEADLY DECEPTIONS by Alexa Grace is a fast paced romantic suspense that will leave you spellbound from beginning to the last page. Book #2 in the “Deadly Trilogy”, but can be read as a stand alone. See, “Deadly Offerings”. Follow Frankie and Lane as they battle baby-trafficking, murder, their attraction,passion and trying to keep their personal relationship from their professional relationship apart.But their attraction and passion is way out of control.  The plot is easy to follow. The characters are engaging and will capture your heart. Ms. Grace is a wonderful storyteller who draws the reader into the story. “Deadly Deceptions” will have you holding your breath from the first page to the last. An exciting tale of love,an old heartbreak and forgiveness. I am holding my breath until the next installment of “Deadly Trilogy” is released in the fall of 2012. A must read for anyone who enjoys romantic suspense,detective work,adoption and characters who never have a dull moment.Received for an honest review from the author. Details can be found at the author’s website,Createspace,and My Book Addiction and More.
REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More

MARRYING UP by Wendy Holden…review




Genre: Romantic Comedy

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark (August 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402270674
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402270673

*from the publisher’s website*


“A brilliantly juicy Cinderella tale.”—Heat

Beautiful but broke student Polly and scheming social climber Alexa may have grown up in the same place, but they couldn’t be more different. Polly’s just fallen for Max, a handsome country vet. But Alexa can’t be bothered with love—any guy with a pedigree will do, mind you, as long as he comes with a title, a mansion, and a family tiara.

Alexa wiggles her way into friendship with Florrie, a clueless aristocrat who could support entire countries with her spare change. Suddenly the grandest doors swing open for Alexa, and a new life is so close she can taste it. Polly could care less about Max’s money, but his mysterious habit of disappearing scares her. What’s he hiding?

Razor sharp in its wit, and as fresh as newlywed royals, Marrying Up reveals how sometimes a rags–to–riches story can rip a girl to shreds—and how sometimes the rewards of love aren’t always what you expect.

“Holden’s tale of social snobbery and bare–faced ambition is a modern fairy tale that chimes perfectly with our post–Will and Kate world.”—Glamour

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MARRYING UP by Wendy Holden is a romantic comedy. It is a modern day Cinderella story with a few bumps in the road.A rags to riches story of social snobbery,ambition, gold digger,social climber,with a bit of wit. A wonderfully written fairy tale that will have you laughing out loud at times and frustrated and crying other times. Can Cinderella(Alexa) truly find her happy ever after,love,live in a gold studded world and keep her Prince Charming(Max) to find out you must read “Marrying Up” you will not be sorry? Received for an honest review from the publisher. Details can be found at the author’s website,Sourcebooks Landmark,an imprint of Sourcebooks,Inc. and My Book Addiction and More.
REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More

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