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BURIED SECRETS by Irene Hannon… a Review

Buried SecretsBuried Secrets by Irene Hannon



Genre: Romantic  Suspense/Christian

Series: Men of Valor #1

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


  • Series: Men of Valor (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Revell (April 7, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0800721268
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800721268


(Courtesy of Amazon)

After seven years as a Chicago homicide detective, Lisa Grant has hit a wall. Ready for a kinder, gentler life, she takes a job as a small-town police chief. But the discovery of a human skeleton by a construction crew at the edge of town taxes the resources of her department. A call for assistance brings detective Mac McGregor, an ex-Navy SEAL, to her doorstep. As they work to solve the mystery behind the unmarked grave, danger begins to shadow them. Someone doesn’t want this dead person telling any tales–and will stop at nothing to make certain a life-shattering secret stays buried.

Master storyteller Irene Hannon is back with an exciting new series featuring former special forces operatives now in the thick of the action in civilian life. Hannon is at the top of her game in this can’t-put-it-down thriller that will have readers up until the wee hours devouring every page.


#1 in the new series “Men of Valor” and what a beginning! Once again, Ms. Hannon draws the reader into a fast paced, action packed Inspirational Romantic Suspense. From the first page to the last page.
Filled with drama, action, suspense, and of course passionate characters, Ex-Navy Seal Mac McGregor and Chicago Homicide Detective, Lisa Grant. Oh, did I mention, danger, murder, secrets and romance.
A chilling tale of suspense, that will have the reader on the edge of their seats as they turn the pages of this amazing tale of intrigue and suspense. A riveting and chilling new series and one not to be missed! Buried secrets don’t always stay buried!

Ms. Hannon in her usual aplomb and amazing cast of characters, has once again written a very suspenseful tale. I would highly recommend “Buried Secrets” to fans of not only Inspirational Romantic Suspense, but to all fans of Romantic Suspense. Well worth your time to read!!

*Received for an honest review from the publisher*

Rating: 5
Heat rating: Sweet
Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


I WON’T TAKE THE MARK by Katherine Albrecht,EdD…a review

I WON’T TAKE THE MARK: A Bible Book and Contract for Children



Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction/Religion/Bible Stories/New Testament

Source: Received for and honest review from the publisher.


  • Hardcover: 42 pages
  • Publisher: Virtue Press (December 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0988280213
  • ISBN-13: 978-0988280212


*From Amazon*

This beautifully illustrated and scripturally accurate book tenderly conveys the warnings of Revelation while joyously celebrating the ultimate triumph of good over evil, guiding children to a closer relationship with Jesus—whether at home, in church, or as part of a Bible study. Each book comes with an 8×10 certificate for your child to sign, promising to worship only God and never take the mark of the beast.

“Includes a frameable 8″ X 10″ certificate with a vow to obey God and never take the mark of the beast.”

*This is this author’s first Children’s Book*


I WON’T TAKE THE MARK: A Bible Book and Contract for Children. HELPING CHILDREN UNDERSTAND THE BOOK OF REVELATION by KATHERINE ALBRECHT, EdD, Nurtured by Tiffany Daschke & Katina Michael, PhD is a wonderful Juvenile Nonfiction/Religion/Bible Stories/New Testament. What a wonderful and amazing book. It will help your little one understand the Book of Revelation. Outstanding in more ways than one. The illustrations are artful, vivid and descriptive in and of themselves. It is well written, easy to follow with corresponding scriptures, which help convey the warnings of John’s vision, in the Book of Revelation. It will help guide young readers to the teachings of Jesus. A wonderful book for a Children’s bible study group.

What a wonderful way to “nurture” your children, with the teaching from the New Testament. It book also “includes a frameable certificate with a vow to obey God and never take the mark of the beast.”

This book is a MUST have for any library, not just a Children’s library. I was thrilled with the knowledge I personally gained from the book. I absolutely love this book from beginning to end. Well done!!

*Received for an honest review from the publisher*

Rating: 5

Heat rating: N/A

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


LOVE OVERCOMES~ Angela Schroeder…review




Love Overcomes by Angela Schroeder
Anaiah Romance


Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


Single mother Arabella Mackenzie never imagined that going to California with her sister Clara would have such a huge impact on her life. Since the end of a disastrous relationship, Arabella has been wary of wanting or needing anyone other than her family. But when she meets hunky actor, Jeremy Fowlis, she begins to have feelings for a man for the first time since her three year old son was born. Now, she needs to try to overcome her past and learn to trust again.

Jeremy is not used to women who don’t want to date him, or at least show him off to their friends – he is an in-demand actor, after all. He is tired of the shallow, avaricious attention that he gets from the public, but when he meets intelligent, cautious Arabella, she doesn’t even know his name. Arabella’s grounded beauty captivates him instantly, but, he is wary of getting involved with a single mother with a complicated past.

Can Arabella and Jeremy both overcome their doubts and fears in order to find love?

Release Date:

November 4, 2014

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LOVE OVERCOMES by Angela Schroeder is an interesting Christian Contemporary Romance set in California. While, a little slow at times, it picks up quickly. I enjoyed watching the relationship between the character grow into something more.

“Love Overcomes” is the story of a single Mom of a three-year old son, Arabella Mackenzie and hunky actor, Jeremy Fowlis. While, Arabella is filled with doubts and fears, she soon learns to overcomes her doubts. Meanwhile, Jeremy, isn’t used to being denied a woman’s affection. Together, the two must overcome much to find their way to true love, but with faith, healing and trust, they just may make a HEA after all. Emotional, but well blended with emotion and romance. Well worth your time to read. An enjoyable read!

*Received for an honest review from the publisher*

Rating: 4

Heat rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


Song of the Prairie



Genre: Christian Historical Romance(American Frontier)


Series: Pioneer Promises #3

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


  • Series: Pioneer Promises (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Whitaker Distribution (August 15, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1629111708
  • ISBN-13: 978-1629111704

(Courtesy of the publisher and/or author)


Song of the Prairie
by Vickie McDonough
Pioneer Promises #3

A Runaway New Mother…
Janie Dunn’s dreams of being an opera singer suddenly dim when, at her dying cousin’s request, she flees Boston with her cousin’s newborn son to protect him from his abusive father. She moves to Kansas to live with her brother, who poses as her husband to protect her identity, lest the baby’s father seek her out. But it’s hard living a lie, even more so the closer she grows to her neighbors on the prairie.

A Widower Missing His Children…
Aaron Harper lost his wife four years ago in a tragic accident. Without a mother to help raise and educate his two children, Aaron sent them to live with his brother and sister-in-law in Windmill, a few hours’ train ride from his family’s homestead, to attend the local school. Yet Aaron regrets seeing his son and daughter so rarely. He yearns to have them under his roof again, but without someone to educate them, it’s an impossible scenario.

A Past That Seems Irreparable…
Life takes a dire turn for Janie when her brother dies. The Harper family turns out to be the greatest blessing—particularly the handsome Aaron Harper, who keeps the farm running in her brother’s absence. But Janie knows his help is only temporary. Is a marriage of convenience to Aaron Harper the answer to both of their problems? And is Kansas far enough away from Boston that she is safe from the baby’s vengeful father? Or will he come after her and expose the secret she’s worked so hard to conceal?
ISBN: 978-1-62911-170-4; $12.99; Frontlist; Fiction/Christian/Romance; August 2014 Release



SONG OF THE PRAIRIE by Vickie McDonough is an interesting Christian Historical Romance.  The third and final installment in the “Pioneer Promises”, but can be read as a stand alone. See,”Whispers on the Prairie, (Book 1)” and “Call of the Prairie (Book 2)”. Although, I would highly suggest you read the other two in the series first. If not you will miss an awesome series in its entirety! From beginning to end!!

This was a highly anticipated finale to the “Pioneer Promises” and what an ending. Set in 1800 Kansas.  This story brought tears to my eyes as well as a whole range of emotions. As I followed Janie Dunn, Aaron Harper, and Baby Benjy on their journey to hope, healing, finding happiness and peace. Janie, is on a mission to protect her cousin’s newborn infant, Benjy, from his abusive father. Aaron is a widower, whose wife was killed in an accident.  He misses his children,who are at school.  Together, Aaron, Janie, and  the Harper family will do all they can to protect, Janie and Benjy, as they are now one of their own. Aaron and Janie have a strong attraction and are protectors.

Fast paced, and filled with emotions, passion, faith, forgiveness, and God’s unending love. Wonderful series! Well written with engaging, as well as strong characters. The storyline is powerful and compelling to say the least. A must read for any Historical readers, as well as anyone who enjoys an awesome read! Received for an honest review from the publisher.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


Death Takes a Ride (Cate Kinkaid Files Series #3)




Genre: Mystery

Series: The Cate Kinkaid Files #

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


  • Series: The Cate Kinkaid Files (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Revell (July 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0800721608
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800721602


(From Amazon)

Cate Kinkaid arrives at H&B Classic Auto Restorations to give a friend a ride. But, as usual, trouble finds Cate even there–this time in the form of one dead man, one wounded man, and what appears to be a pretty obvious case of self-defense. Owner Matt Halliday wants to hire her, but not for this case. Instead, Cate is charged with finding a man who owns a particular motorcycle Matt would like to buy. As her search progresses, she begins to suspect that the shooting in Matt’s office may not have been as cut-and-dried as it appeared.

Bestselling and award-winning author Lorena McCourtney takes readers on another wild ride of mystery in this clever cozy mystery, part of her popular series The Cate Kinkaid Files.

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DEATH TAKES A RIDE by Lorena McCourtney is an interesting Christian Mystery. #3 in “The Cate Kinkaid Files”, but can be read as a stand alone.

Once again, we found Cate Kinkaid in over her head in this mystery. All is not as it seems at the H&B Auto Restorations. With one man wounded, one dead, what more could possibly go wrong, as Cate gets pulled into this mystery.

If you are looking for a fast paced, heart-thumping story, this is not it, at all. What it is, is charming, fun, not over the top tale with humor, tension, mystery and a great whodunit. Very entertaining with interesting characters and a well thought out plot. An enjoyable read! Received for an honest review from the publisher.

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

REVIEW: 90 MINUTES IN HEAVIN by Don Piper with Cecil Murphey

90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN: A True Story of Death & Life

*The 10th Anniversary Edition with new materials*



Genre: Biography/Autibiography

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Revell; 10 Anv edition (July 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0800723236
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800723231

(From Amazon)

In the ten years since 90 Minutes in Heaven was published, millions of people worldwide have read the incredible true story of Don Piper’s experience with death and life–and in reading they have found their own lives changed.

After a semi-truck collided with Don Piper’s car, he was pronounced dead at the scene. For the next ninety minutes, he experienced the glories of heaven. Back on earth, a passing minister felt led to stop and pray for the accident victim even though he was told Piper was dead. Miraculously, Piper came back to life, and the pleasure of heaven was replaced by a long and painful recovery.

With a personal update from Don on the impact the book has had on him, his family, and the millions who have heard his story, even those who have read the original book will want to be part of the continuing story of 90 Minutes in Heaven with this new edition. Also includes a note from the publisher, stories from readers, favorite Scriptures and quotations on heaven from Don Piper, and a photo insert.

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90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN: A TRUE STORY OF DEATH AND LIFE by Don Piper with Cecil Murphey is an interesting Biography/Autobiography. The 10th Anniversary Edition with new materials.

A simply written story of death, life, and life after death. This was written 10 years after the original one which was released 2004. This is the impact of pain, hope, faith, and healing. An updated version! He talks candidly about his overcoming,what could have been a tragedy, miracles, prayer, his return to life and his recovery and of course his experience of “90 Minutes in Heaven”. What a though-provoking tale! If you have never read this inspiring book, I would highly recommend you to pick it up, you won’t regret your choice. A powerful story! Received for an honest review from the publisher.


*Coming in July from Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group*

Rating: 4

Heat rating: N/A

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More




Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Series: Rosey Corner series #3

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher


  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Revell (July 1, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0800721853
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800721855


(Author’s website)

When the flush of victory fades, there remains a winding road to an uncertain future.

World War II is finally over and the people of Rosey Corner are busy joyfully welcoming the boys home. The Merritt sisters in particular are looking toward the future. Kate is eager to start a family and live out her dream of happily ever after with Jay. Evangeline craves a beautiful house and encourages Mike to pastor a big-town church. Victoria wants what can never be—a life with a man who will never come back. And Lorena is growing up and wondering more and more about her birth family.

Each sister must learn to hold her plans with a loose hand, trusting that God will guide and strengthen them as they share the joys and sorrows of life in their little corner of the world.

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And other fine retailers!




LOVE COMES HOME is an wonderful Christian historical Romance set after World War II in the small town of Rosey Corner. #3 in the
“Rosey Corner” series, but can be read as a stand alone. Although, I would suggest reading the other two in this series, as well. See, Angel Sister, Book 1 and Small Town Girl, Book 2.

A four sisters, the Merritt sisters. Kate, Evangeline, Victoria and Lorena, each looking for her own future. Set right after World War II, in the small town of Rosey Corner. Each sister shares their sorrows, their joys, and their triumphs.

We re-visit Rosey Corner once again in this heartfelt tale of sacrifice, healing, hope, faith, and love. Once again, Ms. Gabhart captures, small town life, the returning of sons from war, and the aftermath of war. A heartfelt tale that will capture your heart as you follow along with the characters of this tale of an unknown future. Well written, with engaging,and enduring characters. The storyline is unique and well thought out, as well as thought provoking and emotional. A great read! Received for an honest review from the publisher.

*Coming in July from Revell Books, a divisision of Baker Publishing Group*

Rating: 4

Heat rating: sweet

Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More



ELECTIVE PROCEDURES                                            



Publisher:  Oceanview Publishing

Publishing Date:  July 15, 2014

Genre: Suspense

Source:  Received for an honest review.

ISBN-10:  1608091163

ISBN-13:  978-1608091164



 Elle Harrison is back! She and her pals Jen, Becky, and Susan travel to Mexico where Jen has arranged cosmetic surgery, after which she will recover in a plush hotel suite. But more is going on at the hotel than tummy tucks. Soon after they arrive, Elle sees the woman in the suite next door fall from her sixth floor balcony. When the room is later occupied by another patient, Elle finds her brutally mutilated body on that same balcony. Police question Elle as the last person to see these women alive. Their doctor also takes an interest in Elle; a woman staying at the hotel asks Elle to help her fend off a creepy stalker; a veiled woman sneaks into Elle’s suite at night, and her late husband, Charlie, reappears (or Elle imagines that he does) when Elle gets pushed under water in the ocean and nearly drowns. As dangers swirl and intensify, Elle is forced to face her unresolved issues with Charlie, even as she races to find the connections between killings before more patients-including Jen-can be murdered. And before she herself becomes prey.


 ELECTIVE PROCEDURES by Merry Jones is a great suspenseful novel that I couldn’t put down.  It’s book 2 in the Elle Harrison series, but can be read as a stand alone.   It follows THE TROUBLE WITH CHARLIE which was highly rated in reviews.

In Elective Procedures, Elle Harrison is grieving for her deceased husband.  In an effort to cheer her up, her friend, Becky, drags her into a fortune teller’s shop and insists that they have their fortunes read.  Both friends are told they will soon meet the loves of their lives while traveling.  Elle, however, is also given ominous warnings of death and danger.  She doesn’t take the fortune teller’s warnings seriously until she and Becky are invited to accompany their friend, Jen, to Mexico where Jen is scheduled for several plastic surgery procedures.   There, the friends find that all the fortune teller’s predictions are coming true — the romantic predictions AND the ominous predictions.  Suspense builds as Elle becomes involved romantically with Jen’s surgeon.  Some of the doctor’s patients are horrifically murdered and Elle, herself, experiences a couple of “accidents” that makes it clear she is the next target.

Elective Procedures is full of unexpected, chilling, suspenseful developments that kept me turning the pages.  I can hardly wait for the next book in the Elle Harrison series.

RATING:  4.5


REVIEWED BY: Molly Waters



A Broken Kind of Beautiful: A Novel




Genre: Christian

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.

(From the author’s website)

Sometimes everything you ever learned about yourself is wrong.

Fashion is a fickle industry, a frightening fact for twenty-four year old model Ivy Clark. Ten years in and she’s learned a sacred truth—appearance is everything. Nobody cares about her broken past as long as she looks beautiful for the camera. This is the only life Ivy knows—so when it starts to unravel, she’ll do anything to hold on. Even if that means moving to the quaint island town of Greenbrier, South Carolina, to be the new face of her stepmother’s bridal wear line—an irony too rich for words, since Ivy is far from the pure bride in white.

If only her tenuous future didn’t rest in the hands of Davis Knight, her mysterious new photographer. Not only did he walk away from the kind of success Ivy longs for to work maintenance at a local church, he treats her differently than any man ever has. Somehow, Davis sees through the façade she works so hard to maintain. He, along with a cast of other characters, challenges everything Ivy has come to believe about beauty and worth. Is it possible that God sees her—a woman stained and broken by the world—yet wants her still?

Release date: April 15, 2014
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN-10:  1601425902
ISBN-13: 978-1601425904

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*Stop by our main site, My Book Addiction and More  on Mon, July 14, 2014 for a giveaway and visit with author, Katie Ganshert*




A BROKEN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL by Katie Ganshert is a beautiful Christian fiction set in Greenbrier, South Carolina. Thought-provoking and poignant tale of cover girl Ivy Clark, her hurts, and triumphs. Beauty can be found in many ways and avenues, not just in looks, for looks fades with time. Ivy faces many challenges. With the help of her new photographer, Davis Knight, she learns that God sees her, not her beauty but her heart. Filled with anguish,hurt, pain, triumph, faith, healing, and finding inner beauty and worth. A must read especially for young adults who are dealing with self image. Ms. Ganshert has brought readers a story that is more than just about beauty, she has shown readers the meaning of beauty and God’s love for us all. A beautiful but painful tale! Received for an honest review.

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


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