Home to Roost (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #7)Home to Roost by Reina Torres


Genre: Historical Western (Clean)

Series: Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #7

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  • Publication date: July 25, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0738X7LVK
  • Length: 143 pageso


Description (Bought to you by Amazon)

She didn’t have a place to belong. He thought he was happy by his lonesome. When she stumbled into his life, everything changed.

Brigid Belham had always done what was expected. She worked for her father in his accounting office and managed his home. When he married, she knew it was her time to move on, and traveled to Bower, Colorado to meet a prospective husband. Her ‘best laid plan’ goes horribly awry, leaving her stranded. Caught in a storm of both rain and tumultuous emotions she ends up lost in the woods, until she’s found by a mountain man grumpier than a bear. All he wants to do is send her away. What if she wants to stay?

Most people in Bower know him as a hermit, a mountain man who hardly talks and likes company even less. His parents named him Livingstone Quinn, but unlike his namesake, he doesn’t want to explore. He doesn’t want to discover. He just wants his peace and quiet, all by his lonesome with his animals on his homestead. When Brigid literally falls at his feet, he keeps telling her she needs to leave, but shocks himself when he keeps finding reasons for her to stay. What will he do when he runs out of excuses?

In the whole wide world they managed to find each other. Would they walk away from their happiness, or would they bring their love home to roost?



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My thoughts:


HOME TO ROOST by Reina Torres is a delightful Clean Western Historical Romance. While #7, in the SWEETHEARTS OF JUBILEE SPRINGS, it can be read as a stand alone. This series
is a collaboration of multiple authors.

The town of Jubilee Springs started as a mining town in Bower, Colorado, but women were scarce, so the town’s attorney ordered a mail order bride.

A Novella, approximately 142 pages, but those pages are packed full of a forever kind of love, which he found unacceptable and pushed her aside. Now she has no where to go, what will she do? Despair and emotions are her only friends.

This is the journey of Brigid Belham, who gets caught in a rain storm and
Livingstone Quinn, a hermit who only wishes for peace and quiet.
An arrogant attorney, a mail order bride, a hermit, and a town that will not hire a women, makes HOME TO ROOST some exciting reading. I was glued to the pages of Brigid and Livingstone’s story, as they make sense of their feelings, face Brigid’s possible ruined reputation, her acceptance in town and the danger that lurks. HOME TO ROOST is a story of longing to belong somewhere, finding love, peace, acceptance and a place to call home.

Well written with engaging and an interesting cast of characters. Steady paced. The plot was well thought out and excuted. Although, a Novella, and a quick read, Ms. Torres manages to reward readers with a fantastic read, where nothings left out of a remarkable story of love, acceptance, healing, and finding a HEA. Oh and the animals added a perfect mix in the story. You couldn’t help but laugh at their antics.
Brigid and Livingston are a unique couple but find they have much in common.
Once again, Ms. Torres has written a story that will capture your heart and cause you to fly away to another time, place where women were not valued except as property, to some men anyway, but not all. HOME TO ROOST is a no brainer, it’s a must read. Fans of clean, sweet, historical western romance are sure to enjoy HOME TO ROOST. If you’re not a fan of sweet romance, give it a try, I think your enjoy your time in Bower, Colorado and Jubilee Springs. I look forward to going back soon. As the saying goes “ya’ll come back now”. I intend to, soon! Well done!!

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Sweet
Reviewed by: AprilR