The Lord's Captive (Border Series, #2)The Lord’s Captive by Cecelia Mecca

Genre: Historical Romance (Medieval)

Series: Border series, #2

Source: I received a complimentary copy. ALL opinions are my own.




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He captured her for revenge. She stole his heart in return. The Lord Sir Bryce Waryn has dreamed for years about the day when he will finally liberate his home from the Scots who killed his parents and stole his brother’s birth right. Now that day is finally upon him, only his brother has abdicated the title of lord of Bristol Manor to him. Bryce should be celebrating, but something unexpected stands in his way—the sister of the Scot who held Bristol. In the chaos of the raid, Lady Catrina Kerr was injured and left behind. Bryce takes her captive, hoping to exact an even more satisfying revenge from his enemy. Except the fiery beauty is far more compelling than he would like… The Captive Raised by three elder brothers, Lady Catrina Kerr knows a thing or two about stubborn men. But Bryce is more strong-willed than all of her brothers combined. He’s also maddeningly handsome, brave, and kind—but no matter how compelling her captor, she’s intent on escaping him. Only then will she be able to protect her brothers. But as Bryce’s plan escalates and her feelings for him intensify, she finds herself facing an unthinkable choice between her family and the man who has captured her heart.



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My thoughts:

The Lord’s Captive: Border Series Book 2 (Volume 2) by Cecelia Mecca is another interesting and compelling Medieval Romance. I feel it can easily be read as a stand alone.

This is the story of Sir Bryce Waryn and Lady Catrina Kerr. Bryce is not the eldest brother, Geoffrey is, but Geoffrey gives the lands to Bryce. Geoffrey has married and is lord of his new wife’s lands. So Bryce is now the Lord of Bristol Manor. Immediately after the battle to regain what was took from them, two men happen to find an injured Catrina, she apparently survived the fierce battle that occurred at Bristol Manor, a few hours prior to being found. She has no memory of who she is nor why she was left in the ditch, so the men brought her back to the Manor. Against Bryce’s better judgment he let’s her stay to gain her strength, heal from her injuries and hopefully regain her memory. Immediately, Bryce and Catrina have a connection, which either understands nor care to act upon, at first. But the heart can be a fickle thing. Then when Bryce learns Catrina is his enemy’s daughter, he decides to hold her as his hostage. Catrina is a strong-willed lass who knows how to fight, afterall, she has brothers. She’s determined to escape, to save Bryce and his newly formed clan from more devastration. But Bryce is determined to keep Catrina, for his own. So another struggle ensures at Bristol Manor, this one between Bryce and Catrina. Will Catrina and Bryce find their HEA? Or will they give up all to protect and save those they love?

Steady paced, tale with engaging, well thought out characters and an interesting storyline. I found the plot to be intriguing as well as exciting. Ms. Mecca gives her readers a story of danger, romance, passion, betrayal, a bit of humor, a bit of suspense, and the power of love against all odds. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Lord’s Captive” and watching Bryce and Catrina fight their feelings, the inner turmoil that is against their true feelings and the safety of their clan, is truly overwhelming. There are a few laugh out moments. Like when Catrina blackens Bryce’s eye.
I would strongly recommend reading “The Lord’s Captive”, of you enjoy Medieval Romance, the struggle to find a HEA, and fight to keep what another clan craves. I can hardly wait to read more of Cecelia Mecca and her stories. She is definitely an author to watch for in the future. A heartwarming story. Another must read Medieval Romance!
I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

*The Border Series: The Ward’s Bride Prequel Novella, The Thief’s Countess Book 1, and The Lord’s Captive Book 2.*

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR