Miss Millington's Dilemma (Lake District Brides Book 1)Miss Millington’s Dilemma by Vikki Vaught


Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Source: I received a complimentary copy


  • Publication date: April 12, 2017
  • Publisher: Enticing Pleasures Romance
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B071Y7NM8W

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Product Description

Vikki Vaught’s newest series, Lake District Brides, begins with Miss Lizabella’s Dilemma, a historical novel of a woman’s despair in the aftermath of war. This Regency romance brings you endearing characters to love, and a moving love story of deep sensuality.

Lizabella Millington’s intended goes missing after the Battle of Waterloo. She’s afraid he may have perished on that fateful day. Her fear turns to panic when she realizes she carries his child. Her uncle discovers her shame and tosses her out, leaving her with no alternative but to seek shelter from her beloved’s eldest brother.

Marcus, Viscount Loring, grieves for his brother, who loses his life to injuries received in battle. The last thing he expects is a grieving young woman arriving on his doorstep and claiming his brother’s the father of her unborn child.

Should he believe her tragic tale and offer her succor or turn her away?


Miss Millington’s Dilemma by Vikki Vaught is an amazing Regency Romance.
Ms. Vaught manages to pull the reader into this incredibly beautiful and heartwarming story.

The characters were realistic and believable. The heroine was a bit naive at first, but she matures quickly, having a child tends to do that to a person. The heroine had a reason to be scared, feel alone and unwanted, in her desperate time of need, her family, per say, kicked her out with nothing but the clothes on her back. So off she goes to find her beloved at his brother’s house, to ask for help. I could see and feel a true gentleman doing as our hero did and accept his deceased brother’s child and help the mother, even to marrying her to make the child legitimate. I loved how they fall in love with each other and became a family. Melted my poor heart. Both our heroine and hero were motivated to do the right thing for all involved. I loved how the hero took responsibility of his brother’s child and claimed it as his own.

There is much to appeal to Regency fans, such as, conflict, a bit of danger, drama, love and finding a HEA for all concerned. The sensual tension was palpable, and exceuted well by Ms. Vaught, in my humble opinion.

Such an enjoyable and very satisfying read!
A great read that will hold the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. An absolute delight to read! Strongly recommended! !
I received a complimentary copy.


Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR