Regency Romance: Duke's Forbidden Love (The Fairbanks Series - Love & Hearts) (Historical Romance Fiction)Regency Romance: Duke’s Forbidden Love (The Fairbanks Series – Love & Hearts) by Jessie Bennett

Genre: Historical Romance  (Clean Regency)

Series: The Fairbanks Series  – Hearts & Love

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  • Publication date: January 29, 2017
  • Publisher: Carlton House Publishing Co.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01N27R43I


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A beautiful widow. A daring younger man. A society-threatening age gap. Keep it a secret or risk the wrath of the ton? Will there be any happily ever after for them?

Mrs. Anna Vanessa Maddy is a beautiful widow, now in her early 40s, although she’s always told that she looks much younger.

Duke Bryan Michael Watson has never minded a challenge, especially when society would not approve of the match.

The duke knows that if he hurts the pretty widow, regardless of her age, the members of his peerage—and all generations surrounding—will never forgive him. She’s a beautiful lady on the inside and out, and well loved by all those who know her. However, he’s immediately attracted to her, despite an age gap of more than twenty years.

Anna is lonely, despite the attempts of her teenage son and father to distract her from the sadness caused by her husband’s untimely death a few years earlier. At a grand ball, she meets a handsome young man who draws her into his aura, creating a magnetism that neither of them can deny.

Her father does not approve of the match, mostly due to the age difference, and they couple fears that society will never accept them for this reason. Without her father’s blessing, Anna cannot wed her handsome love, regardless of how she feels, and even if it means ignoring the fact that she already loves him more than she ever loved her husband.

Will Anna be forced to marry the much older Duke Doughtery, her father’s friend, instead of the love of her life?

Can Lord Bryan convince her father that his age is truly not a factor, and that his business savvy and maturity should be considered first—along with his love for Anna and her son?

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Regency Romance: Duke’s Forbidden Love (The Fairbanks Series – Love & Hearts) (Historical Romance Fiction) Kindle Edition by Jessie Bennett is another superb addition to “The Fairbanks series – Love & Hearts”. While, part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone. A Clean Regency Romance with intrigue and a unique plot. A older woman and a younger Duke find their attraction can cause a scandal. Can they face the wrath of the ton or will they chose the ton over finding their HEA? Well written with wonderful charactization and a well developed story. Mrs. Anna Vanessa Maddy, a widow, the age of 40, with a young son meets the very dependable, mature, and business savy, Duke Bryan Michael Watson, 20 years her junior. The ton and Anna’s father does not approve of the match. Will Anna marry the match her father wishes, to his much older friend, the Duke Dougherty or will she follow her heart? What’s best for her young son, love or social acceptance? This couple has much to deal with as well as her father’s unwillingness to approve or bless the match, mostly due to their age difference, they must face the ton’s reaction. Do you believe age really matters or is love more important than acceptance? Steady faced with engaging characters, who will capture your heart. Definitely has difficult decisions, consequences, with another much older suiter, and the age difference as problems. Ms. Bennett did a great job in conquering the age difference between an older woman and a younger gentleman. I enjoyed the story from the first page to the end. The conflict was not between Anna, Bryan or her son but Anna’s family, scandal and the whispers of the ton. An older, widow Lady, and a younger, impedious but mature Duke, along with the age difference must deal with society threatening their happiness. Whew! What a great story! Ms. Bennett has done it again. Well done! I recommend “Duke’s Forbidden Love” to fans of Regency Romance, as well as, Clean Romance, unique stories, older women and younger men, and sweet Romances. Enjoyable and satisfying read!


Heat rating: Sweet/ Clean Romance

Reviewed by: AprilR