Destiny's Kiss: Series Prequel
Destiny’s Kiss: Series Prequel by Elizabeth Rose


Genre: Historical Romance  (Medieval)

Series: Legendary Bastards of the Crown” series, Prequel

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  • Publication date: December 29, 2016
  • Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01MU5WU7W
  • Length: 83 pages


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Prequel to the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series.

Lady Annalyse Granville is a cursed second-born twin. Because of superstition and fear that a second-born twin is naught but a spawn of the devil, she’s been sent to live with the nuns. However, she returns to her father’s castle at Christmastime at her sister’s request. Her sister is the king’s mistress and very pregnant with his baby. And what happens during Annalyse’s visit changes her life forever.

Ross Douglas has managed to get betrothed to an English lassie, having alternative motives in his head because of his hatred for the English king. But when he spies an innocent maiden standing under the kissing bough, he knows he has to kiss her.

Can one kiss change a man’s life? What happens that Christmas changes everyone’s lives in ways they could never expect.

Be sure to read Restless Sea Lord – Book 1 of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series that follows this book.



Destiny’s Kiss: Prequel to the series by Elizabeth Rose is an intriguing insight into the , “Legendary Bastards of the Crown” series.

Ross of Clan Douglas, a Scotsman, whose hatred for the English King sends him on a quest for revenge. Lady Annalyse Granville, is the cursed second twin, herself. When her sister has triplets she can only imagine what will happen to two of the twins. The first twin is the only one their father wishes to kept. What’s a sister to do? This is Annalyse and Ross’ story and what an interesting tale, to be sure! Ms. Rose uses myths, legends, superstitions and romance, to bring readers a satisfying and intriguing story. While, a quick read, Ms. Rose manages to bring this story, and the characters to life through the pages of “Destiny’s Kiss”. A magical romance, to me, and it gives readers a wonderful introduction into Elizabeth Rose’s, “Legendary Bastards of the Crown” series, which promises to be an awesome series.

Fans of historical romance, superstitions, myths, and quick reads, will surely enjoy “Destiny’s Kiss”. A satisfying and enjoyable read! Strongly recommended!

Rating: 4
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR