Highland Messenger (Scottish Strife Series Book 4)Highland Messenger by Dana D’Angelo


Genre: Medieval Scottish Romance

Series: Scottish Strife #4

Source: I received a complimentary copy.

  • Publication date: November 20, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01NA92M6H

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The war is coming steadily closer, and Mairead MacGregon makes it her business to know everything she can about the inevitable clash. But she is thrown off guard when she learns of a potential marriage plan between herself and a neighboring laird. Desperate to prevent this union from occurring, she decides to make the dangerous trek to Bracken Ridge, and elicit the help of one man who might love her enough to save her. The only requirement now is to convince the brooding Messenger to escort her to the war zone…

Except Thom MacCullvin refuses the beauty’s proposal. His life is complicated enough. He believes that his dealings with the appealing lass are over until he discovers Mairead trailing after him. Forced to take her along with him on his journey, he finds himself softening toward her. Somehow she begins to lift the darkness in his heart. Yet even as the undeniable attraction between them sizzles and burns, he is painfully aware that she loves another. Can Thom be enough for her to forget the other man? Or will she leave him once they reach Bracken Ridge?



Highland Messenger (Scottish Strife Series Book 4) by Dana D’Angelo is a captivating Medieval Scottish Romance. While, Book 4 in her amazing “Scottish Strife” series, it can be read as a stand alone, with no issues.
Mairead MacGregon and Thom MacCullvin are such compelling characters. Thom presents a hard exterior, but he is gentle, caring and a fierce warrior, who is also a messenger for the Scottish Crown. Mairead, is feisty, determined and beautiful, she is one of Rory MacCullvin’s sister, from a previous book. Of course, sparks fly, in more ways than one, Thom and Mairead same to always be bucking horns.

Follow, Mairead and Thom on their trek through the Highlands to Bracken Ridge, while they face danger, and their undeniable attraction to each other. But will Mairead find that her savior, may not be, her childhood crush, Blane, but maybe this tough, rugged Highlander, before it’s too late?
Well written, fast paced, heart-pounding story of secrets, treachery, passion, misunderstandings, and the quest to finding a HEA and seek revenge, for a wrong preceived to a loved one. But things are not as they seem.
The characters are engaging, but roughly flawed, with caring, gentle hearts. I hope some of the secondary characters find their own stories. What a great cast of characters!
Once again, Ms. D’Angelo held me captivated to the pages of this mesmerizing Medieval Scottish Romance. She never disappoints me, but holds me in anticipation to the next adventure. One of my favorite Scottish Romance authors!
I absolutely loved “Highland Messenger”, from the first page to the last, it was utterly intriguing. WOW, another hit by Dana D’Angelo!
Fans of Medevial Scottish Romance, fierce, and loyal Highlanders, secrets, treachery and possibly treason, are sure to enjoy “Highland Messenger”, I certainly did. Highly recommended!
I received a complimentary copy.

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR