Publisher:  Emily Leigh

Published Date: September 27, 2016


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Amazon)

As the oldest daughter of one of Nashville’s elite families, Violet Calloway strives to live up to the family name. Her discerning mother taught her to choose the right clothes, the right career, and the right men. But when her father dies and leaves Violet a ramshackle building on a lifeless street, Violet starts to question whether her choices are really her own. Building Sugar Babies Sweet Shop seems like the right thing for her and Violet thinks she may have her new life all figured out until Nick Morello steps through her doors and rocks the world beneath her feet. Too bad for her, he has a huge chip on his shoulder and the kind of swagger her mother disapproves of.

Nick Morello knows he has a lot of mistakes to make up for. His best shot at becoming a partner in the family construction business lies in the successful completion of Violet Calloway’s Sugar Babies. Get the bakery done and the rest of the business on Hale Street just might fall in line. He’s got this, he’s so got this, until he comes face to face with Violet and realizes that she may be his biggest mistake yet.


Sweet Thing is the first book in the brand new Hale Street series, a collaboration by three authors.  The series certainly opens up with a bang!  Violet’s father has recently passed away and he has left a legacy, in the form of Hale Street properties to his daughters Violet and Daisy.  Daisy is soon to be married to their father’s partner in the Hale Street venture and Violet is wondering what to do with her inheritance.  It isn’t long before she embarks on an adventurous enterprise with her cousin Ivy and new friend Kennedy – Sugar Babies.  Opening a bakery on a mostly deserted street isn’t easy, especially since the building has to be remodeled.

Enter Nick.  Nick is hoping to get the job and get into the Hale Street rebuild not just because he really wants it – he does – but also to prove to his brother he can do this and redeem himself.  It’s a tough spot to be in, but he is determined to make things right.

In swift order, we are introduced to Kennedy and Ivy who make up the triumvirate with Violet at Sugar Babies and then Hunter and Burke, who round out the men’s side.  Just as the three women come together into a tight unit, so too do the men.  Their shared vision of what Hale Street can be draws them all together.

I really enjoyed Violet’s story – a story about growing up, overcoming adversity, strong sisterhood, and accepting love.  I liked seeing Violet grow and become strong, and seeing her help others to become strong as well.  There was great chemistry between Nick and Violet and plenty of ups and downs as they work on their relationship.  They both had something to prove and found that together, they were better.  Violet, Ivy, and Kennedy also grow into a strong group, with excellent sisterhood dynamics (which remind me a little of Lauren Dane’s strong sisterhoods).  Seeing the men bond as well is a bonus.  This is a great start to the series!


Heat Rating:  Mild

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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