Publisher:  Natasha Lake

Published Date: September 27, 2016


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Amazon)

Ivy Gibson has a way with chocolate and sugar that makes angels weep. But this baking genius knows, from long experience, when she lets her gypsy heart settle, she’s the one crying. At loose ends after a disastrous catering partnership with her dirty, rotten ex-boyfriend, Ivy finds herself helping out at her cousin’s start-up Nashville bakery. One year is what she plans for, but before her time is up, things get complicated.

Burke Wentworth is the definition of complicated. The hotelier and real estate developer is juggling the reopening of his family hotel and the recent left-at-the-altar scandal when his bride literally ran away. Though he hates being the focus of speculation, when an old nemesis declares social media war on Burke, it’s time to come out blazing.

A mutually beneficial relationship. That’s what Burke proposes to Ivy. He’ll help her find a worthy replacement for Sugar Babies Sweet Shop and she’ll offer him a no-strings-attached cover while he finalizes the reopening of the Wentworth Hotel. But when head-in-the-clouds Ivy spends time with feet-on-the-ground Burke, neither is prepared for the way their sweet-nothing relationship just might turn into everything.


Sweet Nothings by Natasha Lake is the third Hale Street book and is a great opposites-attract story.  Burke, who almost married Violet’s sister Daisy is trying to finish the remodel of his hotel and revitalize Hale Street.  He’s not one for drama, messy emotions, or having a fun time.  He’s all business.  Ivy is the baker at Sugar Babies, a free spirit who can’t stay long in any one place.  So what are they doing being attracted to each other?

Just as Ivy’s starting to itch to hit the road again, Burke ends up with  a dilemma.  Once again, the forces are against Hale Street and this time Burke is in the crosshairs.  Ivy needs a replacement for Sugar Babies; Burke needs a cover to keep him out of the gossip column.  Neither are looking for a relationship.  It should work, right?

But the more they spend time with each other, the more Burke loosens up and the more Ivy wishes she were different and could stay.  But she knows from bitter experience that’s a bad idea.  Now Burke has to fight for a future together.

The Hale Street cast opens up even more in this sweetly funny installment.  Burke needs a little mess in his life and Ivy teaches him how to let go.  Ivy gets some good advice from the most unlikely of places, and finds that sometimes staying is the best thing after all.  This story is the most frothy of the three: more sweet, less angst, and a little lighter on the deep emotion.  It’s a lot like Ivy really: a little quirky, a little sweet, a little funny, with plenty of frosting on top.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the Hale Street series.


Heat Rating:  Mild

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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