Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Medical/Prison

Series: Alabaster Prison #1
Source: Received for an honest from Net Galley.

Title: Song of the Blackbird
Series: Albatross Prison Series #1
Author: DB Michaels
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Medical
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Publisher: Dream Tower Publishing
Print Length: 331 pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9972798-0-1
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9972798-1-8

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Healing must start from within…
Desperate to reconnect with her half-brother, Emma Edwards takes her new medical training and secures a doctor’s job at the prison where he’s serving a sentence. But what she finds there is worse than she ever imagined…tough rules and even tougher men, gangs powered by drug money and corruption. Emma must find a way to keep her brother alive until he’s freed even if that means lying to the one man she should be able to trust…
Unless you find someone to share your pain…
Warden Maxim Chambers doesn’t believe a woman should be working in a penitentiary, especially one like Emma – a woman even a hardened man like him can’t get off his mind. He’s spent too many years building walls around his heart to let himself care about anyone. Yet when Emma is almost hurt in a prison assault, Maxim can’t deny his feelings for her. But what is the connection between Emma and the prisoner named Sam?
And accept your past.
When secrets are revealed, danger and death run through the prison. Only the truth can save Emma and Maxim…if it’s not too late.
Song of the Blackbird immerses you in a whole new world – a gritty, violent world where things you have always believed turn out not to be true. It is a compelling story of sorrow and loss, of hope and second chances, and most of all, of the power of love.

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SONG OF THE BLACKBIRD by DB Michaels is an captivating Women’s fiction/Contemporary Romance. #1 in her Debut “Albatross Prison” Series. What an amazing debut novel. Ms. Michaels managed to draw readers into this captivating tale of a Prison Doctor, the conditions of prison and the trials of finding love within the prison walls.

Meet, Warden Maxim Chambers, the warren of Albatross Prison, Emma Edwards, the new Prison Doctor, and Emma’s brother who, to her horror, is a inmate at the prison.

Emma, must protect her brother until he is freed. So she lies to Maxim and hides her identity. Maxim is a hard, rude, arrogant and powerful warren.

Ms. Michaels has written a poignant tale of deception, the workings of prison life, danger, drugs within the walls of Albatross Prison, corruption, attempting changes in the prison with dire consequences, deception, and romance. Can love survive with all the turmoil, secrets, and danger within Albatross?

Secrets and trying to help the conditions within Albatross, brings danger to Emma and shows Maxim his true feelings. But can they overcome Emma’s deception and the danger within.

The characters are well developed and evolves through the story. The storyline is unique, dark, suspenseful, emotional, and at times a bit predictable, however, this does not take away from the story. “Song of the Blackbird” is an emotional, captivating tale. Ms. Michaels’ has written, a well-crafted tale where truth combines with fiction. Can romance survive among the turmoil of Prison life? Pick up the “Song of the Blackbird”, and find out, you won’t be sorry you did. Ms. Michaels is a crafted storyteller. She shows readers the brutality, violence, betrayal, and more, within the walls of a prison. I look forward to the next installment. A great read which was enjoyable as well as satisfying.

Received for an honest review from Net Galley.

Rating: 4

Heat rating: Hot due to violence

Reviewed by: AprilR