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June 2016

SWEET LITTLE LIES by Jill Shalvis….a review

Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay, #1)Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis

ebook, 384 pages
Published June 28th 2016 by Avon
ISBN: 006244803X (ISBN13: 9780062448033)



Summary from Goodreads:

Choose the one guy you can’t have . . .

As captain of a San Francisco Bay tour boat, Pru can handle rough seas—the hard part is life on dry land. Pru loves her new apartment and her neighbors; problem is, she’s in danger of stumbling into love with Mr. Right for Anybody But Her.

Fall for him—hard . . .

Pub owner Finn O’Riley is six-foot-plus of hard-working hottie who always makes time for his friends. When Pru becomes one of them, she discovers how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of that deep green gaze. But when a freak accident involving darts (don’t ask) leads to shirtless first aid, things rush way past the friend zone. Fast.

And then tell him the truth.

Pru only wants Finn to be happy; it’s what she wishes for at the historic fountain that’s supposed to grant her heart’s desire. But wanting him for herself is a different story—because Pru’s been keeping a secret that could change everything. . . .

My Thoughts

This is the beginning to a new series from author Jill Shalvis. And OMG what a series. SWEET LITTLE LIES is the story of Pru and Finn. I have to say that Jill touches on some tough subjects, I won’t go into detail as I feel those are better learned as you read along. I loved watching Pru come to terms with the past and it’s role in her life. I simply adored watching Finn find a little bit of the fun that life has to offer. SWEET LITTLE LIES is one of those great stories that yes focuses on the main two characters, Pru and Finn, but has so many secondary characters you just can’t wait to find out more about. I can’t wait for more from this series! Be warned this is one of those stay up all night reads. It truly is hard to put down. Fans of great characters with a wonderfully written story-line will adore this one. The setting of San Francisco was fun and fascinating. I’ve never been there but after reading SWEET LITTLE LIES I feel like I have. HEARTBREAKER BAY is sure to be a must have series. If you are looking a great book to take on vacation be sure to add SWEET LITTLE LIES to your travel bag! You’ll be so glad you did. Highly Recommended!!

Reviewed by WendyK
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heat Rating: Hot but on the milder side
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Seeings Stars by Jennifer Bernard…a review

Seeing Stars: A Hope Falls Kindle World NovellaSeeing Stars: A Hope Falls Kindle World Novella by Jennifer Bernard

Kindle Edition, 106 pages
Published June 28th 2016 by Kindle Worlds
Series: Hope Falls Series



Summary is from Goodreads:

When pop star Starly Minx freezes onstage during a show, she knows what her guilty conscience is telling her. She has to make things right with her nemesis, Hope Falls’ own Karina Black. And she has to do it without the paparazzi finding out. If only she didn’t have to leave behind the man she’s been secretly pining for—her sinfully hot bodyguard Hunter McGraw.

Hunter just turned in his resignation. He desperately needs to get some distance from the distracting, enchanting Starly and get on with his life. But if she’s going to Hope Falls, he’s going after her. Who else is going to keep her out of trouble? And with two feuding pop stars in the same tiny town, trouble is inevitable.

They can deal with the paparazzi. They can deal with the curious Hope Falls residents. But can they keep their feelings secret from each other? Is that even possible when every touch has them seeing stars?


My Thoughts

Wow! Jennifer Bernard has become my go to author for great reads with well written awesome characters, settings you want to visit and story-lines that keep you engaged and quickly turning pages! SEEING STARS is a quick easy read even if you haven’t read the Hope Falls series, but be warned once you read this story you will have not one but TWO series you’ll want to grab. The first series is Hope Falls, a series written by various authors with several full length and several short stories. Fans will find a setting that pulls all the stories together and SEEING STARS gives you a wonderful introduction to the series and makes you want to visit. The second series is author Jennifer Bernard’s Jupiter Falls series that at the time of this release is coming soon. Seeing Stars makes you want to grab the first full length novel in the series NOW.

Reviewed by WendyK
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heat rating: HOT

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Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard….a review and giveaway

Drive You Wild (Love Between the Bases, #3)Drive You Wild by Jennifer Bernard

ebook, 384 pages
Published June 28th 2016 by Avon
0062372211 (ISBN13: 9780062372215)
Edition Language

summary from Goodreads:

It’s game on for love in the third novel of USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard’s sexy, baseball-themed series.

Kilby Catfish left-fielder Trevor Stark is a ballpark legend. With his good looks, hitting records, and played-for-the-fans arrogance, Trevor makes women lose their minds and men lose their cool. But every time the major league team comes calling, Trevor purposely keeps himself in the tiny Texas town. Why is heart-tuggingly top secret. Until the team owner’s daughter comes to Kilby . . . trying everything up her sexy sleeve to make Trevor talk.

Divorced and disillusioned at twenty-four, Paige Mattingly Austin Taylor is suddenly starting fresh as an intern at Catfish Stadium. She should want nothing to do with the sinfully hot ballplayer her dad warned her to stay away from. But when she discovers what Trevor is hiding from everyone, she realizes there’s much more to him than his face and multi-million-dollar arm. There’s a heart she seriously hopes to win.

My Thoughts

DRIVE YOU WILD by Jennifer Bernard will do just that drive you wild. This is book three in Jennifer Bernard’s Love Between the Bases series and I hope not the final book! This is Trevor Stark and Paige’s story. Fans of the series already knew there was more to Trevor than we’d seen and now we finally get to learn it all. I loved seeing more of Trevor’s past and learning what makes him tick. Watching him go through finding Paige and all that follows was fun and page turning! I couldn’t wait to see what was to come but at the same time I hated to think this might be the end of this series. I want to see MORE! I want to watch more of this team and see where they go. Fans of the series are sure to find another great read to add to their collection. If you are new to Jennifer Bernard or the Love Between the Bases series, don’t worry you won’t be lost. Yes there are recurring characters and some you’ll be eager to know more about, but there is not a recurring story-line. There is however a recurring bad guy. Just so you know. I loved DRIVE YOU WILD. I can’t say it’s my favorite of the series only because I think ALL OF ME will hold that spot for a while, however they are all so great it’s like picking your favorite child, impossible to do.
I highly recommend DRIVE YOU WILD to all fans of great baseball romance with outstanding characters, an engaging story-line, and a setting that will have you wanting to visit. I want more!! This is a perfect summer read, enjoy it will on the beach, waiting at the ballpark, sitting by the pool, honestly anywhere!
Reviewed by WendyK
My rating: 5

Heat Rating: Hot

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Giveaway Open until July 7th, 2016

Enter for your chance to win a print or ebook copy of the first book in the Love Between the Bases series, All of Me. Just comment telling me your favorite thing about Baseball Romances. That’s it. You’ll be entered to win. One Winner be picked and notified here. You MUST return to this post in order to see if you win. Winner will be posted on July 8th, 2016. Good Luck!

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TENDER IS THE KNIGHT by Kathryn Lee Veque…a review

Tender is the KnightTender is the Knight by Kathryn Le Veque

Facebook at Kathryn Le Veque, Author, or join her on Twitter @kathrynleveque, and don’t forget to visit her website at


Genre: Historical Romance(Medieval England)

Source: D’Vant Bloodlines

Source: Received for an honest review.

  • Print Length: 263 pages
  • Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing (June 15, 2014)
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2014
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

(Courtesy of Amazon)

1228 A.D. – After a vicious battle with old adversaries that sees his father killed, Sir Dennis d’Vant finds himself the head of the House of d’Vant. A house descended from the kings of Cornwall, they are a proud but warring people. Their most hated enemy is their neighbor to the north, the rich and cunning Earl of Cornwall. Dennis, however, is not like his forefathers; a giant of a man and a skilled warrior, he is also quiet and gentle. He does not possess the same fiery instincts of his family and for that, he is often looked upon as weak.

But Dennis is anything but weak; he is brilliant and introspective. He knows what it takes to achieve real peace. When his father is killed, he sends an offer of marriage to the Cornwall to cement a peaceful alliance between the two warring neighbors. Dennis is trustworthy; the earl is not. Little does Dennis realize that his offer to marry a woman of the earl’s choosing will change his life more drastically than he could ever imagine, and put the House of d’Vant in danger of being wiped from the face of the earth.

The Lady Ryan de Bretagne is the daughter of the earl’s captain. Having no daughters himself, the earl chooses Ryan to marry into the hated House of d’Vant. Ryan is a feisty, head-strong woman and wants no part of the marriage, but is forced to wed the giant knight with the mysterious gray eyes. When he takes her back to St. Austell Castle, she is introduced to a shocking new world of women who dress and fight as knights, of filthy keeps and filthy men, and of a people who want to hate her simply because she is related to the Earl of Cornwall. As Ryan struggles to become acclimated to her strange and frightening new world, the Earl of Cornwall works in secret to destroy the treaty he has agreed to fulfill, thereby eliminating the House of d’Vant once and for all so he can confiscate their lands. At the heart of all of the earl’s animosity is a terrible secret that binds Cornwall to the House of d’Vant, something so awful that it cannot be spoken of. But those who know the secret know how very shameful it is to both sides.

Join Dennis and Ryan as they face one crisis after another, from pirates that lay siege to St. Austell Castle, of dark family secrets, and to wars in Wales when Dennis is forced to fight for the king in order to save his beloved castle. But no obstacles are too much for Dennis and Ryan to overcome because beneath the hatred and deceit, murder and lies, a love stronger than life itself binds them together even as their two worlds try to tear them apart.





Tender is the Knight by Kathryn Lee Veque is a captivating Medieval Historical Romance. “The D’Vant Bloodlines”. A Medical Romance set against an English backdrop. Fast paced, intense, emotional tale of a fierce, ruthless knight with a tender heart, and an endearing soul and a 17 year young lady bargained for a peace treaty between the D’Vant family( St. Austell Castle), and the Earl of Cornwall, set in 1229A.D.. Lord Corwall is powerful, cunning, dangerous and the King’s brother. Sir Dennis D’Vant, just seen his father killed in a battle that damaged St. Austell Castle. The D’Vants are a warring people, descendants of kings and have dark secrets, Lord Cornwall nor the King of England wish known.
Well written with many twists and turns, many challenges, struggles, dark secrets, betrayal, danger, and finding a HEA. A powerful and compelling story with engaging, fierce characters. Albeit the heroine, Lady Ryan de Bretagne, who is the daughter of the earl’s captain, is somewhat immature, dangerous to herself and others. She does irritating things, but for the right reasons, or so she thinks. She listens to on one but herself and her instincts, but she is a survivor and a fighter.
With a unique and intriguing storyline, “Tender is the Knight”, makes for a great Medieval Romance. The reader will find themselves, engrossed, enticed and enthralled by this mesmerizing tale of love, passion, near disaster, from Cornwall to London to the wilds of Wales, the reader will become transfixed, in Dennis and Ryan’s story. Oh, did I mention a ruthless pirate involved in the desire to destroy St. Austell Castle and of course Dennis D’ Vant?

Ms. Let Veque, is a talented, knowledgeable, storyteller, who shows her research and her skills as a writer. A very intense and emotional Medieval Romance, with a satisfying ending, I didn’t see coming. A most captivating and mesmerizing romance! A must read Medieval Romance!

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR

A TARNISHED KNIGHT by Kathy Otten…a review

A Tarnished KnightA Tarnished Knight by Kathy Otten

Genre: Historical Romance(American Western)
Source: Received for an honest review from Net Gallery.

  • Print Length: 396 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc; Cactus Rose 1st edition (January 2, 2014)
  • Publication Date: January 2, 2014
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
(Courtesy of Amazon)

Fleeing her abusive husband, Victoria Van der Beck is captured by down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, Ryder MacKenzie. As she comes to love this man who hides his face in shadows, she wonders if he could be the valiant knight for whom she’s been longing. Is he the champion who would save her from the evil prince, or is MacKenzie just a paid lackey determined to return her to her husband?

Ryder MacKenzie never believed anyone could love him, for he was cursed the day he was born. He only wants to be left alone to live on his ranch in peace. But rustlers have stolen his cattle. He’s been ambushed and his horse killed. Now his one chance to get his life back is to simply return a society princess to her husband. Maybe his luck is about to change. At least she isn’t pretty.


A TARNISHED KNIGHT by Kathy Otten is an amazing Western Historical Romance. Fast paced, tale of overwhelming odds, domestic abuse, childhood scars and finding a HEA.
A valiant knight in shining armor, Ryder MacKenzie, who is has a birthmark on his face, was unwanted by his family when he was born, and so he was discarded. He must make his way in life, he’s a down on his luck bounty hunter, trying to make a success of his cattle ranch.
Victoria Van der Beck ,has an abusive husband, when she thinks she has killed him, she finds her chance to escape and runs.
Bounty hunters are searching for her. Ryder, finds her. Sparks fly, danger awaits them in unexpected places. Will they’re love survive, Victoria’s deceit, her secrets, their mistrust or will they lose all to death and heartache?
Well written Western Historical Romance. The characters are engaging and endearing. The storyline is unique, intriguing and entertaining, with witty banter and moments of laughter, as well as, trouble and danger. A must read! Enjoyable and satisfying read!
Received for a honest review from Net Gallery.

Rating: 4
Heat rating: Mild
Reviewed by: AprilR

DESIRE’S by Violetta Rand…a review

Desire's Fury (Viking's Fury Book 2)Desire’s Fury by Violetta Rand


Genre: Historical Romance (Viking)

Series: Viking’s Fury #2

Source: Received for an honest review from the author. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


  • Print Length: 130 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing; 1 edition (July 19, 2016)
  • Publication Date: July 19, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Torn between bloodfeud and desire…

After his younger brother returns from Northumbria with a Saxon bride, Roald Blood Axe refuses to welcome her into the family. His brother has married an enemy, which goes against everything Roald believes in. But when his sister-in-law collapses from a mysterious illness, Roald does what any man of honor should, he searches for the most gifted healer.

Torn between mistrust and temptation…

As the last healer in her Sami line, Eva is expected to assume the role as noaidi after her mother dies. Until then, she lives in the shadows—gathering herbs and practicing her art on injured animals. One night while she’s camping in the foothills, she encounters an enemy warrior who stirs more than her doubt.

She accompanies Roald to his home where she promises to heal his sister-in-law.

Faced with rejection and violence, Eva braves the tumultuous world of the lowlanders to stay true to her oath as a healer.

Spending time with Eva makes Roald realize he craves more than bedsport—he wants love and everything it offers.

Together, Roald and Eva make an indomitable pair. But when Eva’s brothers and Roald’s greatest enemy join forces to destroy Roald’s home, will love keep them together or will outside interference separate them forever?



PRE-ORDER NOW! Only 99 cents!!







Desire’s Fury by Violetta Rand is #2 is her thrilling “Viking’s Fury” trilogy set against a Viking backdrop in Ancient World Norway. A Viking Romance! Can be read as a stand alone. However, I suggest reading Book 1 “Love’s Fury”, (Konal the Red and Silvia’s story), as well.

Roald Blood Axe, is a fierce warrior, the eldest son, and will be the new Laird upon his father’s death. Roald’s youngest brother, comes home with his Saxon wife, to learn is father has died and Roald still holds animosity toward him, which is made worse by him bringing home a Saxon bride, Silvia. The reader meets Konal and Silvia in Book 1 “Love’s Fury”.

Eva is the last healer in her Sami line, and expected to assume the role of noaidi, upon her mother’s death. However, it’s not a role she truly wishes. She’s always lived in the shadows where she gathers her herbs and heals animals by practicing her art on them.

Roald finds Eva in the forest, learns she’s a healer, which he desperately needs to save his new sister-in-law’s life, who has fallen ill. He forces Eva to his will, by taking her to his village to heal Silvia. Of course, his people looks upon the Sami people and Eva as the enemy. They spit upon her and worse, until Raold places her under his protection.
Sparks fly between them, love blossoms, then a threat threatens to rip them apart, no matter the cost.

Roald and Eva form an indomitable pair. Eva’s brother and Roald’s worst enemy join forces to destroy Roald and everything he holds dear, including his village, his people, their cattle and his new found love.

Fast paced with engaging, fierce characters, and an intriguing, mesmerizing storyline. A captivating story from beginning to the last page and beyond. Ms. Rand has written another intense, passionate, enticing, and captivating tale of Viking Romance. Filled with fiercely protective characters, jealously, envy, raw emotions, angst, secrets and the power of true love against all odds.

I adored “Love’s Fury”, Konal and Silvia’s story was amazing, however, Roald and Eva’s story is simply delicious and captivating. Ms. Rand is an amazing, mesmerizing storyteller who will capture the reader’s heart, with her Viking Romance, her exceptional characters and her captivating storyline. She’s a powerful Viking Romance author and one I always look forward to finding her next excellent adventure.

“Desire’s Fury” is a captivating, mesmerizing and complex Viking Romance. Fans of Viking Romance, conflict, intense romance, fierce warriors and feisty, strong heroines, will absolutely love “Desire’s Fury”. Highly recommended! An absolutely thrilling Viking Romance! Pick up your copy to read for yourself this captivating story!
Received for an honest review from the author. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


Rating: 4. 5
Heat rating: Hot
Reviewed by: AprilR

HIGHLANDER’S CARESS by Joanne Wadsworth…a review

Highlander's Caress: Medieval Romance (The Fae Book 2)Highlander’s Caress: Medieval Romance by Joanne Wadsworth



Genre: Historical Romance(Medieval)

Series: The Fae #2

Source: Received for an honest review from the author.


  • Print Length: 202 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01DVM6G4W

(Courtesy of Amazon)


One soul bound mate…one quest to find her.

Year 1211, Scottish Highlands.

Duncan MacKenzie is the Laird of Ardan House, an honorable and fierce Highland warrior on the chase for a band of enemy warriors who are intent on his destruction, only as he hunts them down, he runs into a lass who poses the greatest challenge. He’s drawn to the dark-haired enchantress who holds the fae ability to compel, a lass also intent on finding her brother who travels with the band of men he currently hunts. At every turn, she challenges his steely resolve, captivates and enthralls him, as well as unleashes his passion when it’s never arisen for another woman before.

Spirited lass Ella Matheson is stunned to discover that the maddeningly rugged warrior hunting down her brother is the very man who makes her heart beat faster and her soul lift higher—a man who is her soul bound mate. Finding her chosen one within the enemy’s ranks stuns her, yet she’s never given up a challenge, and now she’s bound and determined to bind this man who should be her enemy, right to her side.

Theirs is a battle of rivalry and dare, of untamed passion rising strong and true, and of a journey to forge the bond between two mates during a time of war.

A standalone novel in The Fae series.

Highlander’s Bride, #1
Highlander’s Caress, #2
Highlander’s Touch, #3

My Thoughts:

Highlander’s Caress by Joanne Wadsworth is her #2 in her exciting Medieval Highlander Romance, “The Fae”, can be read as a stand alone. I’d suggest reading, see #1, “The Highlander’s Bride”. This is an awesome series, and the reader will not wish to miss out this delicious Scottish tale. A perfect afternoon read!

“One soul bound mate…one quest to find her”

I adore this series! Fast paced, adventure filled Scottish Romance, with well developed characters who are engaging and intriguing. Set in the year 1211 in the Scottish Highlands. The cast of characters are intensive and intriguing. The secondary characters are important to the storyline.

Duncan MacKenzie is the Laird of Ardan House. Fierce, half-Fae Highland warrior, whose Fae ability is the strength of battle.
Ella Matheson, a spirited half- Fae lass with the Fae ability to compel. They are from enemy clans. They have an instant attraction and sparks fly. Can Ella and Duncan be soul bound mates?

Duncan is on a chase to find a band of enemy warriors, whose been raiding and murdering Duncan’s clan, whose leader, just happens to be one of Ella’s brothers. They work together, with Ella’s half-Fae brother, to find her other brother and bring him and his band of murderers and thieves to justice. There are many complexities to this story with some twists and turns along the way, the reader will not see coming. Ms. Wadsworth, has packed a lot of passion, emotions, suspense and a bit of mystery into a 202 page of Scottish Romance.

I enjoy how Ms. Wadsworth blends historical facts with historical fiction. She also weaves Duncan and Ella’s Fae guardian into the story.

With rival clans at war, untamed passion, danger, destiny, and suspense, Ms. Wadsworth has once again, created a story of intrigue, adventure and Scottish romance. “Highlander’s Caress”, is a captivating, enticing and mesmerizing tale! Fans of Scottish Medieval Romance, myths, the Fae, destiny and the bonding of soul mates, will enjoy this fantastic romance. I can’t wait to read Duncan’s twin, Coll’s story, coming soon.
Received for an honest review from the author.


The Fae (Highlander Romance)

Highlander’s Bride, #1
Highlander’s Caress, #2
Highlander’s Touch, #3 *Coming soon*

Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Mild to Hot
Reviewed by: AprilR

SONG OF THE BLACKBIRD by DB Michaels….a review




Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Medical/Prison

Series: Alabaster Prison #1
Source: Received for an honest from Net Galley.

Title: Song of the Blackbird
Series: Albatross Prison Series #1
Author: DB Michaels
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Medical
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Publisher: Dream Tower Publishing
Print Length: 331 pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9972798-0-1
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9972798-1-8

(Courtesy of The Killion Group)

Healing must start from within…
Desperate to reconnect with her half-brother, Emma Edwards takes her new medical training and secures a doctor’s job at the prison where he’s serving a sentence. But what she finds there is worse than she ever imagined…tough rules and even tougher men, gangs powered by drug money and corruption. Emma must find a way to keep her brother alive until he’s freed even if that means lying to the one man she should be able to trust…
Unless you find someone to share your pain…
Warden Maxim Chambers doesn’t believe a woman should be working in a penitentiary, especially one like Emma – a woman even a hardened man like him can’t get off his mind. He’s spent too many years building walls around his heart to let himself care about anyone. Yet when Emma is almost hurt in a prison assault, Maxim can’t deny his feelings for her. But what is the connection between Emma and the prisoner named Sam?
And accept your past.
When secrets are revealed, danger and death run through the prison. Only the truth can save Emma and Maxim…if it’s not too late.
Song of the Blackbird immerses you in a whole new world – a gritty, violent world where things you have always believed turn out not to be true. It is a compelling story of sorrow and loss, of hope and second chances, and most of all, of the power of love.

Available Here:  Amazon


SONG OF THE BLACKBIRD by DB Michaels is an captivating Women’s fiction/Contemporary Romance. #1 in her Debut “Albatross Prison” Series. What an amazing debut novel. Ms. Michaels managed to draw readers into this captivating tale of a Prison Doctor, the conditions of prison and the trials of finding love within the prison walls.

Meet, Warden Maxim Chambers, the warren of Albatross Prison, Emma Edwards, the new Prison Doctor, and Emma’s brother who, to her horror, is a inmate at the prison.

Emma, must protect her brother until he is freed. So she lies to Maxim and hides her identity. Maxim is a hard, rude, arrogant and powerful warren.

Ms. Michaels has written a poignant tale of deception, the workings of prison life, danger, drugs within the walls of Albatross Prison, corruption, attempting changes in the prison with dire consequences, deception, and romance. Can love survive with all the turmoil, secrets, and danger within Albatross?

Secrets and trying to help the conditions within Albatross, brings danger to Emma and shows Maxim his true feelings. But can they overcome Emma’s deception and the danger within.

The characters are well developed and evolves through the story. The storyline is unique, dark, suspenseful, emotional, and at times a bit predictable, however, this does not take away from the story. “Song of the Blackbird” is an emotional, captivating tale. Ms. Michaels’ has written, a well-crafted tale where truth combines with fiction. Can romance survive among the turmoil of Prison life? Pick up the “Song of the Blackbird”, and find out, you won’t be sorry you did. Ms. Michaels is a crafted storyteller. She shows readers the brutality, violence, betrayal, and more, within the walls of a prison. I look forward to the next installment. A great read which was enjoyable as well as satisfying.

Received for an honest review from Net Galley.

Rating: 4

Heat rating: Hot due to violence

Reviewed by: AprilR

Then He Kissed Me by Laura Trentham….a review

Then He Kissed Me (Cottonbloom Novels, #2)Then He Kissed Me by Laura Trentham

Expected publication: June 28th 2016 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks
1250077648 (ISBN13: 9781250077646)

Summary is from Goodreads:

Can two hearts come together in one divided town?

As a boy, Nash Hawthorne spent countless afternoons on the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom with Tally Fournette, wading in the river, peeling oranges and catching frogs. When illness stole his mother, Nash yearned to take Tally and run away—for good. Instead, he crossed the state line to live with his aunt. It was a short distance as the crow flies, but it swept him into a whole new world…

After Nash left, Tally managed to struggle through her own losses without him. But now that she’s crossed paths with him again—at Cottonbloom College, where the grown-up, gorgeous Nash teaches history—she is reminded of their cherished youthful connection…and an attraction that has only gotten stronger with age. Between Tally’s possessive ex and Nash’s snobbish aunt, no one thinks they belong together. In a town torn apart by old resentments and rivalries, can they find their way back to the life they once shared—and turn their long-lost dreams into a real and lasting love?

My Thoughts:

This is book two in the Cottonbloom series from author Laura Trentham and I say I’m just as wowed by this one as I was by book 1, Kiss Me That Way. THEN HE KISSED ME is Nash and Tally’s story, this is another second chance romance but again it’s not a true second chance as they were way too young to truly be in love the first time. So I’d more likely classify it as a friends to lovers story. Nash and Tally knew each other as kids, they were best friends, they lost each other as kids at the same time as their lives forever changed. Now they are grown up and possibly ready to be more than they ever were before. I found the story to be fast-paced, engaging and realistic. The characters draw you into their lives and make you want to be part of everything. I loved the setting, Cottonbloom regardless of which side you like better its a great setting. I loved seeing Cade and Monroe again and learning a bit more about the town and it’s “characters”. This is a series that quickly pulls you in and you just don’t want to leave! Fans of small town romances will adore this series and this book. I loved that Nash and Tally seem like opposites but really aren’t as different as you might at first think. A great read! Highly Recommended!!

Reviewed by WendyK

Rating: 5

Heat Reating: Hot but on the milder side
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