The Black Sheep's InheritanceThe Black Sheep’s Inheritance

Maureen Child

ISBN: 9780373733071

DYNASTIES: The Lassiters #1 (however there is a prequel, short story)

Harlequin Desire

April 1, 2014

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Follow the money…into bed!

Estranged from his adoptive father, Sage Lassiter earned his own billions. But when J.D. Lassiter leaves a fortune to his private nurse in his will and cheats his own daughter of her rightful inheritance…Sage is enraged, to say the least. He’s sure nurse Colleen Falkner isn’t the innocent she appears. And he’s willing to go to any lengths to expose her…even seduction.

But using sex—crazed, incredible sex—to find out what she knows could backfire. Because Colleen is not what Sage expected. And like it or not, she’s about to demolish all the barriers he’s carefully constructed around his heart.

My Thoughts

THE BLACK SHEEP’S INHERITANCE is the second book the DYNASTIES: The Lassiters following, BEAUTY AND THE BEST MAN. I would recommend you read the first book before you start this one. It’s not a must but I feel it will add to the experience. With that said, this is a well written story. I enjoyed watching events unfold for both Sage and Colleen. There is an event that starts in the first story, Beauty and the Best Man that continues to unfold within THE BLACK SHEEP’S INHERITANCE that while I understand it needs to take place does bother me a bit. Mostly because I hate to see it occur and know that I’ll probably have to wait for the last book in the series to know how it all ends. So be prepared to want the next books in this multi-author series. I enjoyed Ms. Child’s edition to this series very much. It’s a believable story that left me smiling and wondering what will happen next. I highly recommend THE BLACK SHEEP’S INHERITANCE to fans of the Desire line, Ms. Child’s work and to those who are looking a quick engaging read! You are sure to be happy!!

Rating 4.5 (however on Goodreads it says 4)

Heat rating mild.

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