Love In A Dangerous Season: (Regency Romance)Love In A Dangerous Season: by Gloria Gay

Genre: Historical Romance (Recency)

Source: Received for an honest review

  • Paperback: 324 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 21, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1507574053
  • ISBN-13: 978-1507574058
  • Book Description (From Amazon)
 January 21, 2015

For her insulting behavior toward the Earl of Ashcom, on whom her family depends for subsistence, beautiful Fantine Delmere earns for herself an unwanted London season and is forced to leave her beloved Evergreen and venture into the hard glare of the heartless haute ton she abhors. But Fantine’s arrival in London awakens jealousies and dangerous forces are put into motion…


A sweet Regency Romance! A bit bland at times, the wording a bit confusing at times, but overall an enjoyable read. The H/H were a bit confusing in their attraction to each other… a love-hate relationship. The hero was arrogant and somewhat demanding. The heroine, bidable, easily led toward danger, well…an innocent, in more ways than one. As their love blossoms, danger lurks.
Altogether, not a bad story, but at times, to me at least, it seemed to be missing an important element, not sure what, really. A unique storyline, as the hero’s family had been providing for the heroine’s family for a couple of generations on the hero’s family estate. Than, there is a couple of subplots, the heroine’s brother eloped,and the danger that lurks toward the heroine. Pick up this story and see for yourselves, it is an enjoyable read. While, I feel is was a satisfying read, it liked something though. I think the characters needed more depth, maybe. They seemed a bit shadow, to me. There is danger, suspense, mystery, as well as romance. The plot was unique and intriguing. Overall, an enjoyable read.

*Received for an honest review*

Rating: 3
Heat rating: Sweet
Reviewed by: April R, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More