Publisher:  Entangled

Published Date: October 28, 2014

ISBN:   978-1-62266-391-0

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Entangled)

Medical research scientist Elena Arcos has always lived her life under the radar. When she is shot in a convenience store robbery, she finds herself rocketed into supernatural insanity courtesy of a sexy immortal law enforcer. He’s convinced she’s some kind of freaky half vampire thing and that her deceased dad was the real deal: a blood sucking monster. Yeah, right.

As a Slayer, an elite law enforcer descended from Azrael himself, Nikolai Itzov’s orders from the Underveil General are clear: Kill Elena Arcos or die. The only thing holding him back from that directive is the overwhelming urge to protect her. Too bad she’s also the offspring of his father’s murderer. Kissing Elena, let along being with her body and soul, can never happen.

Nikolai and Elena find themselves in a life and death battle to stop a plot designed to lift the Underveil and enslave humans. With her analytical mind and his centuries of training, they might be able to foil the plot with their lives, and maybe even with their hearts intact. But in order to succeed, he must help her become the very thing he hates the most: an Undead.


Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke is a wonderful start to a new series.  With a dash of urban fantasy, some high fantasy, some straight up science fiction, and a lot of romance, it twists and turns in all sorts of interesting ways.

Elena is your average, everyday woman until she gets killed in a robbery. Or rather, killed but not dead because along comes Nikolai and suddenly she isn’t an average, everyday woman anymore. She’s more, a lot more.  And it’s up to Nikolai to figure out exactly who she is and why he is supposed to kill her when that is the last thing he wants to do.

Enter a crazy aunt who isn’t an aunt, a secret sister, a rather interesting time warp man (who I want to read more about), a couple of very interesting vampire allies, even more interesting fey allies, and some power hungry villains, and you end up romping all over the place.

Love Me to Death is quite an interesting blend with a little bit tossed in for everyone’s taste and a wonderful read.


Heat Rating:  Hot

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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