Publisher:  Entangled

Published Date: July 28, 2014

ISBN:   978-1-62266-578-5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Entangled)

Bridal shoe company owner Lori Hanover is in way over her head. First, her designer sister has fallen head over heels for the rock star fiancé of a client – talk about bad PR! Now her business is falling apart. Lori’s only hope in saving her company is making the world believe it was true love, even if she’s not so sure herself. Her best bet? A song. For this she turns to the most frustrating musical recluse in America, Dash Mills, a man who could pass for Thor’s sexier brother. And even though this former rock superstar agrees to help, it comes at a price…

When Lori agrees to Dash’s terms, he thinks she’s the one in for a challenge. But the more time he spends with this spitfire bombshell, the more tempted he is to play her—in more ways than one. But Dash left behind the rock and roll life for a reason. And seductive as Lori may be, if she drags him back into that world, this time he won’t forgive himself…or her.


Resisting the Musician by Ally Blake is a mix of fun romp and brooding deliciousness.  Lori’s not equipped to deal with Dash and Dash isn’t ready to deal with any woman when they meet.  They are a fun couple: silly at times, sweet at times, and then like quicksilver, become moody, angry, frustrated, and cruel.

Lori loves her sister.  Everything in her life has been focused on caring for and protecting her sister so when she is tasked with getting a song out of Dash, Lori doesn’t accept a no.  But to get what she wants, she’ll have to play by Dash’s rules.  And Dash, he cares about solitude, about being left alone, about not having emotional entanglements.  He’d be happy scaring her off but the sexual chemistry just isn’t going away.

Between guitar lessons, relaxing lessons, and the struggles to make Lori’s sister happy, Dash and Lori play off each other very well.  But when things look bad, will the chemistry and budding relationship hold up?  Dash and Lori are a great couple and this is a wonderful start to a new series.


Heat Rating:  Hot

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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