Heart River Inn




Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published date:  February 10, 2014


ISBN-10: 1495332691

ISBN-13: 978-1495332692

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

A mysterious photograph, lethal swans, gushy beds and a kitschy lovers resort in the Pocono Mountains. Can you say single woman in hell?

My Thoughts

When Lexi Sheridan stumbled onto an old photograph, she was hoping it would change her journalist career, little did she know, it would change her whole life.

Lexi is a struggling journalist who needs a great breakout story that will launch her career.  While digging through an old photo album at the library, she discovers a hidden picture.  A picture of a famous family who has thus far, remained scandal free.  Knowing there has to be an amazing story behind the photo, Lexi sets out to Heart River Inn to find the man in the picture.  What happens next is something she’d never expect.  Not only does she locate Mr. Bernard, the man in the photo and the owner of Heart River Inn, she also meets several very unique couples who are staying at the romantic resort, and one sexy-as-hell manager, Jared Richardson.  As Lexi begins to talk with the guest staying at the resort, she realizes that it is much more than a bed and breakfast.  It seems that all the guest have a special connection with place, that this is the place that saved their relationship.  Skeptical of true love, Lexi just wants to get the big story and head out, but she can’t quite seem to be bold enough to show Mr. Bernard the photo and demand his story.  Especially when she gets to hang out with Jared.  Every time she gets close to Mr. Bernard or Jared crazy, wild events occur that keep her from getting the answers she seeks and it seems that everyone is fiercely protective of Mr. Bernard.  When she finally gets up the nerve to ask the hard hitting questions, will she get the answers she seeks or will she lose not only her job, but her new friendships as well?

A funny, lighthearted, and entertaining read by Ms. McKade!  I enjoyed reading this novel and thought it was simply great!  Each chapter seems to focus on a new couple that Lexi meets and the story behind them and their connection to Mr. Bernard and the inn.  The budding relationship between Lexi and Jared is sweet and funny, as Lexi can’t seem to be anything but clumsy and accident prone around him!  I liked Lexi’s kind spirit and thought it was sweet how she couldn’t bring herself to hurt Mr. Bernard by demanding answers about the picture and printing the story.  I would have liked to see a little bit more romantic development between Jared and Lexi, as the ending seemed a bit far-fetched and rushed, but overall I enjoyed the story and would read it again.  It’s a quick read that is sure to give you a few laughs and just make you feel good.  I look forward to reading more novels from Ms. McKade!

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilP

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