ELECTIVE PROCEDURES                                            


Website:  http://www.merryjones.com

Publisher:  Oceanview Publishing

Publishing Date:  July 15, 2014

Genre: Suspense

Source:  Received for an honest review.

ISBN-10:  1608091163

ISBN-13:  978-1608091164



 Elle Harrison is back! She and her pals Jen, Becky, and Susan travel to Mexico where Jen has arranged cosmetic surgery, after which she will recover in a plush hotel suite. But more is going on at the hotel than tummy tucks. Soon after they arrive, Elle sees the woman in the suite next door fall from her sixth floor balcony. When the room is later occupied by another patient, Elle finds her brutally mutilated body on that same balcony. Police question Elle as the last person to see these women alive. Their doctor also takes an interest in Elle; a woman staying at the hotel asks Elle to help her fend off a creepy stalker; a veiled woman sneaks into Elle’s suite at night, and her late husband, Charlie, reappears (or Elle imagines that he does) when Elle gets pushed under water in the ocean and nearly drowns. As dangers swirl and intensify, Elle is forced to face her unresolved issues with Charlie, even as she races to find the connections between killings before more patients-including Jen-can be murdered. And before she herself becomes prey.


 ELECTIVE PROCEDURES by Merry Jones is a great suspenseful novel that I couldn’t put down.  It’s book 2 in the Elle Harrison series, but can be read as a stand alone.   It follows THE TROUBLE WITH CHARLIE which was highly rated in reviews.

In Elective Procedures, Elle Harrison is grieving for her deceased husband.  In an effort to cheer her up, her friend, Becky, drags her into a fortune teller’s shop and insists that they have their fortunes read.  Both friends are told they will soon meet the loves of their lives while traveling.  Elle, however, is also given ominous warnings of death and danger.  She doesn’t take the fortune teller’s warnings seriously until she and Becky are invited to accompany their friend, Jen, to Mexico where Jen is scheduled for several plastic surgery procedures.   There, the friends find that all the fortune teller’s predictions are coming true — the romantic predictions AND the ominous predictions.  Suspense builds as Elle becomes involved romantically with Jen’s surgeon.  Some of the doctor’s patients are horrifically murdered and Elle, herself, experiences a couple of “accidents” that makes it clear she is the next target.

Elective Procedures is full of unexpected, chilling, suspenseful developments that kept me turning the pages.  I can hardly wait for the next book in the Elle Harrison series.

RATING:  4.5


REVIEWED BY: Molly Waters