Better than a Present



Publisher: Wild Rose Press Inc

Published date: June 18, 2014

IBSN:  978-1-62830-367-4

Genre: Historical Romance–Regency

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

While in London on business during the Season, Lord Paul Russell, attracted by a beautiful woman, fails in securing a place on her dance card. The next morning when he returns to Cornwall, he wonders if this mystery woman will still be available.

Bored by all the eligible gentlemen she meets, Lady Samantha Grayson desires more than their meaningless conversations and preoccupation with silly fashion requirements. Only one gentleman catches her eye, but she misses her chance to speak to him, never encountering him again the rest of the Season.

A sudden snowstorm on Christmas Eve morning catches Samantha alone and unprotected. When she seeks shelter in a nearby cottage, she is astonished when the door opens to the very man who caught her interest in London a few months ago. What was doomed to be an uneventful Christmas, to her pleasant surprise could be better than a present.

My Thoughts

Lady Samantha Grayson is bored.  She hasn’t met a single gentleman that can hold her attention.  Until she sees Lord Paul Russell across the room.  But even though he stands in the crowd of eligible bachelors surrounding her, he doesn’t secure a spot on her dance card.  And then she doesn’t see him again.

Lord Paul would love nothing more than to dance with the beautiful Lady Samantha, but when her dance card fills up, he leaves the ball without having an introduction.  He must leave for his home in Cornwall and fears he may never again see his mystery lady.

When Samantha is visiting her family for Christmas, she decides she simply must go sneak out and go for a ride, and what better way to sneak around than in men’s clothing?  But a sudden snowstorm spooks her horse and leaves her stranded all alone in the woods, cold and alone.  She stumbles upon a cottage and is surprised when the man who opens the door is none other than the gentleman from the ball!  The problem?  She’s dressed as a groom and revealing herself will compromise and humiliate her.  But Lord Paul sees through her disguise and uses the unique opportunity to get to know her better, but unfortunately, he must let her return to her family’s estate without revealing that he knows who she is.  How will they be able to connect when both are pretending and neither is willing to take a chance on revealing her identity?  Later, when a friendly Christmas Eve game turns into quite the surprise, will Samantha see her surprise as something “Better than a Present”?

Such a fun and entertaining short story by Ms. Moore!  Very well developed characters and a plot that will have you smiling as you read.  I loved the way that Paul immediately recognizes Samantha, but allows her to continue her charade, while giving her questions to try to trip her up.  The dialogue between them is great and the ending is absolutely adorable!  If you’re looking for a good, quick story to read that will leave you with a smile, then “Better Than A Present” is definitely for you!

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Sweet

Reviewed by: AprilP

Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More