Water's Edge



Publisher: Cherry House Publishing

Published date:  July 13, 2014

ISBN-10: 0957594682

ISBN-13: 978-0957594685

Genre: Young Adult–Sci-Fi

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

Thousands are fleeing the chaos and social unrest.
With their own water and power supplies, fourteen year old Nairne and her family are well prepared, but most people are less fortunate. When Nairne persuades her father, Daniel, to house some of the evacuees on their small holding in the south of Scotland she plunges the family into a world of violence, deception and murder.
With society at breaking point, she has to grow up quickly as she discovers that the fortress Daniel built to give his children a chance has become the prize in a struggle where winning can mean the difference between life and death.

My Thoughts

A thought provoking novel by Rachel Meehan.

A climate change has occurred and has changed life as we know it.  Flooding, Freezing Temperatures, and Strong Winds have resulted in a lack of food and drinkable water.  Fortunately Nairne and her family are well prepared for such an emergency, but not everyone is.  When Nairne convinces her father to take in another family, things take a turn for the worse. The father of that family, Mr Unwin, is shady at best, the mother, Pamela is a narcissist and the teenage son, Paul, is well, rather juvenile and annoying.   Nairne’s brother, Zane gets involved with Mr. UnWin’s “business” and then goes missing and tragedy strikes Daniel, will Nairne be able to keep it together and remain strong enough to survive?

A very well written novel with an excellent plot and very detailed setting and characters.  This book is easy to read and will keep you turning page after page.  While you know that Nairne will have to overcome many obstacles in order to survive this pre-apocalyptic world, the overall theme of the novel is that she will overcome and survive.  I really enjoyed the parallel between the society’s collapse and the way that Nairne’s life is also slowly starting to unweave itself and leave her with quite a bit of mess to sort through.  While the climate change certainly happened fast in the novel, it will really make you question our lives and the “what if” of the future.  While this is not the typical book that I read (quite different actually) I found it refreshing and enjoyable, if maybe a little seemingly far-fetched.  There is simply so much going on in this novel, it’s rather hard to write a review without giving away a lot of the plot!  If you’re into this type of novel, give it a try!  I’m sure it won’t disappoint you!

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: None

Reviewed by: AprilP

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