Second Chances



Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC

Published date:  February 20, 2014


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

Stacy Hutchins thought she’d finally met the one, until a startling realization that shatters everything…

Mark Jefferson, her undercover DEA agent boyfriend lied about one tiny little detail…his wife and kids. Stacy hates liars and cheaters so she kicks him to the curb. But Mark makes it very clear he will not go willingly.

Has his obsession with Stacy tied them together forever? Or will Mark finally walk away?

Dustin Carmichael swore off women a long time ago, until his sister reconnected with her best friend from high school, Stacy.

But after a perfect month together, a year ago, Stacy played the ‘friends’ card. Unfortunately, they’ve been good friends ever since.

When Stacy life turns to shambles, Dustin’s more than willing to be there for her. As she tries to get herself together, Stacy finds herself in another dilemma, she can no longer deny the feelings she’s always had for Dustin.

Will her failure to see that Dustin has changed stop them from having something everlasting?

My Thoughts

An action packed, suspenseful, sexy romance novel that will leave you begging for more!

Stacy Hutchins thought that she may have found a good, decent guy, but a phone call from his wife certainly changes things fast.  Not only does Mark prove to be a liar, but also an abusive jerk who decides to stalk her!  So Stacy turns to her best friend’s brother, Dustin.  While they had a fling together about a year ago, Stacy and Dustin decided they would be better as friends only.  As Stacy leans on Dustin to get her through one horrible situation after another, she begins to see that maybe she was wrong about the “friends only” idea with Dustin.  But with everything that is going on with crazy ex-boyfriend Mark, can Stacy trust her instincts and show Dustin how much he means to her or will she run away, scared to start a deep relationship with someone like Dustin?

Dustin thought everything was going great with Stacy.  That is until a month into a perfectly good relationship, Stacy throws out the “friends” card and he has no choice but to agree or risk losing her for good.  So he sits in the shadows and waits.  He can’t believe he’s playing second fiddle to a jerk like Mark, but the moment Mark goes all pyscho on Stacy, Dustin is right there to offer her protection, security, and if she’ll take it, love.  But he knows that Stacy has lots of issues to overcome in the relationship department so he’s more than willing to take it slow.  That is until the unthinkable happens and forces Stacy and Dustin to really evaluate their relationship and determine if they have what it takes to stay together through the good times and the bad.

This novel has more action, suspense, twists and turns than your usual “make you feel good” romance!  This one kept me turning page after page to find out what would happen.  And I will not throw out a spoiler, but I will say, towards the middle of the novel when events unfolded that seemed like it would be the end, it left me asking “now what?”  but just hold on for the ride because the best is yet to come with regards to the plot!  I fell in love with Dustin’s character almost immediately, but I liked him in the first novel also.  Stacy’s character, while she wasn’t my favorite in the first novel, certainly grew on me in this one.  Her determination to overcome obstacles at the end of the novel was great since she has struggled with self-esteem throughout the series.  Overall Second Chances is a great continuation of the Starting Over series!  While this can be a stand-alone read, I would strongly recommend that you read the first book in the series, Starting Over,  first so that you can have a clearer understanding of the overall plot and characters.  Definitely a Must-Read in my book!

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Hot

Reviewed by: AprilP

Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More