Deceiving Lies



Publisher:   William Morrow Paperbacks

Published date:  March 4, 2014

ISBN-10:  006229931X

ISBN-13: 978-0062299314

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

Rachel is supposed to be planning her wedding to Kash, the love of her life. After the crazy year they’ve had, she’s ready to settle down and live a completely normal life. Well, as normal as it can be. But there’s something else waiting—something threatening to tear them apart.

Kash is ready for it all with Rachel, especially if “all” includes having a football team of babies with his future wife. In his line of work, Kash knows how short life can be and doesn’t want to waste another minute of their life together. But now his past as an undercover narcotics agent has come back to haunt him . . . and it’s the girl he loves who’s caught in the middle.

Trent Cruz’s orders are clear: take the girl. But there’s something about this girl that has him changing the rules and playing a dangerous game to keep her safe. When his time as Rachel’s protector runs out, Trent will turn his back on the only life he’s known—and risk everything if it means getting her out alive.

My Thoughts

Another great, action-packed and intense novel by Molly McAdams.  Deceiving lies will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The work Kash used to do is dangerous.  But after the hit was put out on him that had him and his partner sent out of state, where he met Rachel, he’s glad to be done with the undercover work.  Especially now that he has Rachel to lookout for and protect.  But when Rachel is kidnapped by the gang he used to “run” with, Kash is forced to return to the streets to ferret out any information he can get regarding her whereabouts.  But the gang is asking too much in exchange for Rachel, and the Police soon give up on rescuing her.  So it’s up to Kash and his partner to find and rescue her.  But with the grim notes and pictures that are being sent to the Police, it’s unlikely that Kash will see Rachel ever again.  Can he find her before it’s too late?

Rachel is strong and loves Kash fiercely.  When she is abducted from her home, she knows she must stay strong and fight to stay alive.  When her kidnapper begins to seem more like a protector than an abductor, Rachel begins to develop a friendship with him.  After all, she relies on him for all of her necessities and her security.  With all the fear coursing through her, it’s nice to have someone to talk to.  Even if he is the one who took her away.

Trent had one job.  Take the girl.  He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her during his surveillance, but that’s exactly what he did.  And now, he must keep her safe from his fellow gang members.  He knows a messed up kid like him has no chance with someone like Rachel, but he feels as though he should do his best to keep her safe.  So Trent befriends her and offers her all the comfort and security that he can while keeping her locked away.  When Trent decides to risk it all and help Rachel escape, will they survive or are they making the biggest mistake of all?

In the sequel to Forgiving Lies, Kash is still swoon-worthy and Rachel is stronger and more determined than ever to survive, at least up until a point.  While I struggled with the premise behind the plot, I certainly couldn’t put it down!  I simply had to find out what happened to Rachel and Kash!  I read this one in a day!  But that’s not to say this is an “easy” read.  I thought it was rather tough, as Ms. McAdams helps to put your emotions all over the place!  From Kash’s psychological torture, which was hard to endure, to Rachel beginning to have feelings for her captor, Trent, I found myself very concerned about the ending and who would actually end up with Rachel!  The overarching theme of this book seemed to be inner strength and perseverance, not only physically but emotionally as well.  This book is most definitely a nail-bitter but one I really enjoyed reading and one I will certainly read again in the future.

Rating: 5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by: AprilP

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