Genre: Thiller/Suspense/Mystery

Source: Received for an honest from the publicist and Net Galley.

Cym Lowell

Rosemary Beach Press; April 2014

352 pages; $12.99 U.S.

ISBN 978-0-9914913-0-8


*From the Publicist*

“Jaspar’s War wondrously chronicles one brave and desperate woman’s attempts to escape a Kafka-esque nightmare. Cym Lowell’s brilliant debut strains the boundaries of the thriller genre, even as it seeks to redefine them in this emotionally wrenching tale that reinvents and modernizes the classic Ludlum formula. Written with flare and emotion, as visually polished as it is viscerally powerful, Jaspar’s War manages a smooth and savory mix of Vince Flynn and Harlan Coben. Magnificent and not to be missed.”


Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Rain Falling



Is there a limit on a person’s ability to be reborn?

In his newest novel, JASPAR’S WAR (Rosemary Beach Press; April 2014; $12.99), author Cym Lowell takes readers on a thrill ride to the most unexpected and dangerous of locales to uncover secrets that could bring down the U.S. government.


The recent economic collapse of the Western world is not as vague ornebulous as most of us think. It has been initiated by those with close ties to the sitting American president who have been rewarded by various governments for their stealth efforts. Now, with the capitalists’ own money they are preparing to take the economic attack to another level.


However, there’s one woman who can unravel their plans.


Set in Greenwich, Connecticut, JASPAR’S WAR is the compelling story ofan American woman who lives a life of happiness, privilege, and wealth. Wall Street success preceded the president’s request that her husband, Trevor, become Secretary of the U.S. Treasury to rescue a failing global economy.


Now, Trevor has been murdered when the government jet he is travelling in crashes and her children kidnapped. She is told to be silent or else they will disappear like their father. Jaspar doesn’t know it, but she has evidence that can bring these people to justice. Yet, her own government is suspicious of her reasons, suspecting she may know more than she’s willing to tell. To save her children, she is on the run in Italy with an unlikely ally, and will go to the brink of hell and back, joining hands with assassins, traitors, and the devil himself, in a most terrifying and psychological cat and mouse game of intrigue and deception.


Hunted from all sides and unsure of who to trust, Jaspar races around the world in an attempt to stop a madman’s disastrous plans, reclaim her life, and find her children. With a host of characters caught up in thrilling circumstances, the storyline comes alive at breakneck speed as readers are taken on a wild and unexpected journey from the quiet backcountry of Greenwich, the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, the magnificence of the Eternal City of Rome and to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. With alarms sounding off around the world, hero and villain alike twist and turn in and around each other, encountering threats suspiciously similar to current world events.



JASPAR’S WAR by Cym Lowell is an exciting Thriller/Suspense/Mystery set in Greenwich, Connecticut, Italy and other international areas. Fast paced, action thrilled adventure and one with lots of drama and mystery. With high finance, terrorists, kidnapping and the rescue of two innocent children, you will be on the edge of your seat with suspense. A great read! Very interesting and intriguing. Received for an honest review.



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