Lord of the Rakes




Publisher: Berkley

Published date:  February 4, 2014

ISBN-10: 0425265552

ISBN-13: 978-0425265550

Genre: Historical Romance

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description

All of London knows Phillip Montcalm’s name. It’s on the lips of a different lady every night…
So it’s no wonder he’s called the Lord of the Rakes. Rumor has it he’s the most dangerous seducer in the city, with quite the extensive list of conquests. Talk of his prowess as a lover and his ingenuity in the bedroom are enough to make even the most prudish of ladies succumb to temptation. But as of late, Phillip has found himself a bit bored. Until he sets his eyes on a fiery newcomer.

New to independence and London, gorgeous heiress Lady Caroline Delamarre wants to make the most of her life. And when Phillip meets her gaze, she knows the perfect place to start: in his arms…and in his bed. But what begins as a long night of breathtaking passion leads to more than the two bargained for. Haunted by troubled pasts and inescapable family entanglements, each of them must decide if they can risk a gamble on what might be true love.

My Thoughts

Though this was my first experience with a Darcie Wilde book, it most definitely won’t be my last!  From sizzling, steamy romance to witty, fun dialogue, this book is uber enjoyable!  It’s most definitely not your typical historical romance!

We meet our hero, Phillip Montague, and learn that he is, among other things, the second son and a rake in the truest of forms, but that certainly doesn’t mean that he is without boundaries.  Hiding deep secrets, he makes sure to keep himself in Society’s good graces, while putting on the mask everyone expects him to wear.  After all, if they are looking more at his behavior than his true character, they are less likely to see the “real” Phillip.  All is going well until inside a crowded ballroom, he lays eyes on……

Our Heroine, Lady Caroline Delamarre, out for her first season due to her overbearing and over protective father and older brother.  Sheltered due to her (now deceased) mother’s unstable mental condition Caroline longs for nothing more than the freedom to experience life.  When Caroline learns she is an heiress, she wastes no time finding a man she wants to experience life with.  So when she finally gets to London, she seeks out none other than, The Lord of the Rakes.  She’s not looking to settle down.  She has no plans to marry now that she finally has her freedom.  She simply wants to have a good time before buying her own cottage in the country and living independently and as she chooses.  And who better to help her achieve that goal than Phillip?

But as these two spend time together, they find that they might just be meant for each other.  Throw in a crazy ex-lover, a scheming potential suitor, a deceitful, untrusting brother, and a father who is half-mad and you’ve got yourself one heck of a story!  Can Caroline and Phillip trust each other enough to share their pasts and secrets and learn to love and relinquish control to each other?

This book is HOT and will keep you enthralled from start to finish!  If you’re looking for a historical romance with a twist and a bit of dominance in it, the Lord of the Rakes is for you!  From the moment Caroline and Phillip interact, they have quite the sexual chemistry and reading as their relationship shifts from sexual to emotional is rather entertaining. They both state what they want from the beginning but as their feeling change, each of them becomes more vulnerable, which makes their characters so enjoyable!  I loved this book and certainly will look for more by Ms. Wilde.  This book is quite unique and it stands out from the crowd! Received for an honest review.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Hot

Reviewed by: AprilP

Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More