As Good as Gold



Author: Heidi Wessman Kneale


Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc; Faery Rose edition

Published Date: January 25, 2014

Genre: Fantasy



January 25, 2014
Daywen Athalia wants love–true and lasting. Fearing a future of bitter loneliness, she seeks help from a gypsy woman. The price: a hundred pieces of gold. Daywen’s never had two shillings to rub together in her life. Where’s she going to find a hundred gold pieces?

Bel MacEuros made a career of theft from fey creatures. When the cursed gold he rightfully stole from a gnome is taken from him by Daywen, the consequences could bless or break his life.

It is not the gnome’s curse or a gypsy’s blessing but another magic, far deeper and more powerful, that will change their lives forever.

AS GOOD AS GOLD is a short story about finding love.  Daywen needed to find 100 pieces of gold for an old gypsy woman.  In return for the stolen gold Daywen would be given something to help her find her true love.
The book is short and can be read in one sitting.  I would have liked more out of the story and maybe I would have felt it was more complete.  While she found  love I did not feel it was a fairy tale true love and I was expecting more.  If you are looking for a short almost folk tale type of book than this may be a good book for you.
Rating 3
Heat Rating Sweet
Reviewed By Rae
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