Amethyst RefrainTitle: AMETHYST REFRAIN

Author: Kalliope Bell


Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc; Faery Rose 1st edition

Published Date: May 12, 2014

Genre: paranormal/fantasy

Source:  This book was received for the purpose of an honest review.


Lily Graves possesses the gift of psychometry. She reads the history of an item through touch. When an amethyst necklace brings back the memory of her murder in a past life, Lily comes face to face with her guardian, Edgar Grant.

Edgar Grant has served as Lily’s guardian throughout several lifetimes, reaching her only through thoughts and dreams. Armed with the knowledge of Lily’s destiny and charged with protecting her, Edgar must help her stop history from repeating itself.

When Lily recalls Edgar’s refusal to believe her fears in the past, she must decide if she can trust him…and love him…in the present. And if she does, can she love a man who exists only in spirit form?


Lily is in a antique shop with her friend Jazz when she suddenly has a vision.  She did not realize Jazz had put a amethyst necklace on her neck.  She was suddenly face to face with the man in her dreams since she was a child.

Edgar the man in her dreams explained to Lily that putting the necklace caused a chain reaction that bought her face to face with her past life.

This is a short read, but a really good one.  I enjoyed hearing about the backstory of the characters. The story was very interesting and kept me reading until I was done.  I really feel if you like paranormal, fantasy this would be a great book to read. I highly recommend it.

Rating 4.5

Heat Rating Mild

Reviewed By Rae

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