The Maid from Milan



Publisher: Choc Lit

Published date: March 15, 2014

ISBN-13: 9781781891285

Genre: Historical Romance

Source: Received for a honest review


Book Description

Adelaide Leeson wants to prove herself worthy of her husband, a man of noble aspirations who married her when she was at her lowest ebb.

Lord Tristan Leeson is a model of diplomacy and self-control, even curbing the fiery impulses of his youth to preserve the calm relations deemed essential by his mother-in-law to preserve his wife’s health.

A visit from his boyhood friend, feted poet Lord James Dewhurst, author of the sensational Maid of Milan, persuades Tristan that leaving the countryside behind for a London season will be in everyone’s interests. But as Tristan’s political career rises and Adelaide revels in society’s adulation, the secrets of the past are uncovered. And there’s a high price to pay for a life of deception.

My Thoughts

Tired of the average, run-of-the-mill historical romance?  If so, Maid in Milan is the book for you!  With a complex plot, extremely well developed characters and lots of twists and turns, this book will captivate you from start to finish.

Adelaide Leeson has been through a lot.  After a passionate affair with Lord James Dewhurst, she’s left mourning the loss of their still-born child and is in quite a delicate condition, both emotionally and physically.  Thanks to some quick thinking and deceiving by her mother, Addy finds herself married to Lord Tristan Leeson, a genuinely kind and caring man who wants nothing from Addy but her health and happiness.  After three years of marriage, Addy is now ready to form a closer relationship with her husband, both emotionally and sexually.  But all the lies her mother has told to cover her past are catching up with her.  The more she tries to build a relationship, the more her mother tries to keep them apart, fearing that Tristan will learn the truth about Addy and her true nature.  To throw even more problems into her life, her ex-lover James is coming to stay with them for a visit and he’s bringing his new fiancée Beatrice.  While Tristan is pursuing his political career, he asks James to take her around London and help Addy re-enter society, not knowing about James and Addy’s sordid past.  James is relentlessly trying to open up conversations with Addy about their past and trying to rekindle their relationship despite his pending nuptials, but Adelaide is loyal to Tristan and wants nothing to do with James’ advances.  But when a risqué opera singer is thrown in the mix along with a painter and someone who knows James and Addy’s secret, the plot thickens and anything can happen.  Desperate to try to keep the secrets hidden, Addy will do anything to preserve her marriage to Tristan, but will it be enough or will the truth out itself and turn her world upside down?

I absolutely loved this book!  The author’s willingness delve into subjects not usually written about in historical romance novels, while staying true to the regency era was refreshing and very entertaining.  Tristan’s willingness to overlook his own desires in order to maintain his wife’s mental well-being will have you absolutely falling in love with him.  How selfless and loving Tristan is towards Adelaide!  I loved the way that despite her history with James, Addy fiercely loves her husband Tristan and does everything to try to stay true to him.  I extremely disliked the way that James shamelessly pursued Addy even though she was happily married to his best friend AND he himself was engaged; however, I realize that this component of the plot was crucial to the storyline, so while I didn’t like it, it didn’t make me like the book less.   I was disappointed at what happened between James and Addy, but the ending helped to redeem this book and I was very satisfied with how the author chose to tie up all the loose ends left, but be warned, it doesn’t end quite the way you may think!  This is definitely a book worth reading!

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by: AprilP

Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More