To love a highlanderTO LOVE A HIGHLANDER


Genre: Historical Romance (Medieval Scotland)

Series: A Scandalous Scots novel #1

Source: Received for an honest review from the publisher.


  • Series: Scandalous Scots (Book 1)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (April 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1455526223
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455526222



*From the publisher*

TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER (book I in the Scandalous Scots series)

As one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father. It’s a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost. But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess-both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber-is legendary. So when a flame-haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can’t resist taking her up on her offer . . .

Lady Mirabelle MacLaren will do anything to keep from marrying her odious suitor, even sully her own good name. And who better to despoil her than his sworn enemy, the one they call “Hawk?” As they set about the enjoyable task of ruining her reputation, Hawk and Mirabelle soon learn that rebellion never tasted so sweet.

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TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER by Sue-Ellen Welfonder is an exciting Medieval Historical  Romance set in 1386 – 1399 Scotland.  #1 in “A Scandalous Scots” novel, and what a beginning!

“A Tempting proposition and an unquenchable desire” leads to Lady Mirabelle MacLaren and Sorley the Hawk, aka, the Hawk on a merry journey through Scotland.

Once upon a time, the year 1286, in  faraway, Medieval Scotland, Stirling Castle, to be exact, one dashing, young highlander, Archibald MacNab, of the Clan MacNab, impregnated one of the King’s four favorite mistresses. Thus banishing and disgracing, Archibald, from court. The King, having impregnated, the other three mistresses, himself, thus leaving four bastard children. Who actually, thrived and lived at the royal court of Stirling Castle. All four, became a  part of the Royal guards. Hope we learn of the four and their connection in later tales.

Oh, but a King or the Gods have a long memory, and thus exacts revenge years later. You see, years later, a band of clanless, greedy, dark hearted, men, attack Duncreag, the MacNab stronghold, on a rumored treasure. Archie’s wife and sons vanished that day. Thus begins our story….

Ah, back to the review,got off track there for a moment….

TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER, is fast paced and passion filled. Lady Mirabelle MacLaren, proposition’s Sorley, a court bastard. Sorley, on his own quest to uncover the truth about his parents, has always suspected his father to be a highlander. Lady Mirabelle, is not what he expected her to be. You see, he has meet her years prior to this encounter. Now she is determined to foul a plan from a lecherous and odious suitor, Sir John Sinclair. She wishes Sorley, to despoil her reputation, who better than his enemy, Sorley. Sir John demises Sorley.

Together, they face danger, passion, mystery,secrets, a bit of suspense, lots of passion, did I mention passion and romance.

If you have never read one of Ms. Welfonder’s tales, I would highly recommend doing so now. She is a wonderful storyteller, who draws the reader into her stories and holds them in awe. Her characters are believable, and realistic, she interweaves history with fiction seamlessly and without effort, it seems. I love her tales of Highlanders, Scotland, and romance. She makes the reader feel as if they are in Medieval Scotland, themselves.

What a wonderful tale of romance and danger. I look forward to the next installment in the SCANDALOUS SCOTS series. Well done, indeed!!! I loved this tale of romance and intrigue. A must read for sure!! Received for an honest review from the publisher.



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