Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Published date: March 10, 2014


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for a honest review


Book Description

Juliette St. James has only done two impetuous things in her life. The first resulted in her becoming a single mother at age 18. Now, she’s embarking on a cross-country trip to celebrate becoming an empty-nester. Not sure of what she will do now that she’s flying solo, she comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare—a cowboy. When ex-bull-rider Cyclone Kelley heads out on his horse, the last thing he expects to find is a damsel-in-distress parked alongside the road. Especially one that resembles his first crush—Brigette Bardot. He doesn’t need or want a complication in his life. His wife died while he was chasing the elusive dream of fame and fortune on the rodeo circuit. Blaming himself for her death, he quit the rodeo and returned to Nebraska. Now his mantra is “love them and leave them smiling.” They are attracted to each other and decide a one-nighter would be a good idea. After all, what happens in Comfort, Nebraska, stays in Comfort. But when Juliette’s car gets sucked up in a tornado, she’s forced to spend a week in the town instead of just one day. While neither denies their attraction, they both realize that a week together will change the course of their lives forever. They are both forced to decide if love is worth gambling on what could be. Or if tornadoes, and cyclones, are better left alone.

My Thoughts

A deliciously exciting read by Ms. Lower! When Juliette St. James sets off on a rambling road trip after marrying off her only son to the love of his life, the last thing she expected to do was breakdown on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere and then be rescued by a sexy cowboy on a horse, but that’s exactly what happened. As Juliette begins to get to know her rescuer, known to all as Cy, and the townspeople of Comfort, she grows more enchanted by the minute. From Cy’s raw sexual magnetism to the kind and welcoming folks of Comfort, Comfort just sorta begins to feel like home. But how can Juliette leave behind her son and her steady life as a professor just to stay in this middle-of nowhere town with the undeniably attractive Cyclone?

When Cy rescues Juliette from her broken down car as a storm approaches, he knows from the minute he sees her that he has found his future. Still mourning the death of his wife, Cy hasn’t really been looking for anything serious, but one look at Juliette and he knows he must convince her to stay in Comfort, with him. But he recognizes her reluctance and knows he must give her time and space before pressing his suit and trying to convince her that he is worth it. But does he have the patience to give her the space she needs or will he spook her and send her on her way as soon as she can have a new car delivered?

Such a fun and playful read from Ms. Lower. I loved Cy’s character and how well he understood what Juliette needed, even when she didn’t always seem to know. The guilt he feels over the death of his first wife helps us to know how deeply he is able to love and makes his character seem real and entirely lifelike. Juliette’s character is so likable and down to earth that it is quite easy to relate her to someone you know. She knows how she should behave, like a person of her status and age, but being in a new town, where no one knows her, makes her bold and brave. She begins to reinvent herself from her clothing to her personality, and haven’t we all dreamed of doing that at some point or another? The setting, the small town of Comfort, has such a rich history, I really enjoyed reading the part about the grooves in the ground from the Oregon Trail. The supporting characters, the triplets Molly, Dolly, and Lolly ,and Cy’s brother in-law O.C are excellently written and just help to make this novel such a pleasure to read! You just can’t go wrong with a Becky Lower novel, so pick yours up today and start reading!

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by: AprilP

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