GOOD TOGETHER (Carrigans of the Circle C, #1)

CJ Carmichael

Kindle Edition, 239 pages

Published February 3rd 2014

Publisher: Tule Publishing Group


Series Carrigans of the Circle C #1

Genre: Romance

Source: received for an honest review


Mattie’s twin daughters have flown the nest, and she and her husband feel like strangers. The life she’s known is starting to fall apart. She can’t even count on her gorgeous neighbour, Nathaniel Diamond, any more. Nat was always there for her before, but now he’s suddenly started avoiding her. Is there something that he needs to tell her?


Carmichael is a very good writer. She’s written about a relevant topic in GOOD TOGETHER and given us likable characters we can identify with.  She does a good job describing ranch life in Montana and I liked the twist on the traditional ranch for Bishop Stables.  Mattie and Nat’s love affair has a solid foundation she never realized was being built over their years as neighbors.  Forced into an every changing reality with almost no control over events, Mattie deals with her life as most strong women would.  After mourning her marriage and former life, she starts to heal and move on.  Much of her healing must be done alone because of the isolation of ranch life but one constant in her life, Nat Diamond, continues to prove his dedication and friendship and eventually much more.

I found the story between Nat and Mattie a bit too slow moving.  The pace was likely realistic for the situation but as a romance novel, I’d have liked to see more of the love affair.  I also found several chapters focusing on the daughters, especially Portia, to be disjointed.  They seemed like filler with nothing to add to the book. Or at a minimum, incomplete because while we see glimpses into their lives, we never really get the conclusion.

The writing is excellent and the story is average.

RATING: 4 Stars

Heat Rating: Mild: Mild detailed scenes of intimacy, mild violence or profanity.

Reviewed by: ReadWarrior

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