Title: Dancing in the Dark: A Novella

(Prequel to In The Arms of a Stranger)

Author: Virginia Kelly

Website: http://www.virginiakelly.net

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publication Date: November 8, 2013


Genre: Suspense/Romance

Source: Received for an honest review.

Book Description Courtesy of Amazon:

Covert CIA agent Matt Kincaid is back in tiny Walton Springs, only to find Janey Blackmon waiting to ask him a favor. Matt’s not there to reminisce with the girl he’s never forgotten…and he’s definitely not there to divulge government secrets about her missing brother.

 Ten years…and Janey hasn’t forgotten the love of her life…or that he abandoned her on prom night. Bound by duty and honor, he was shipped out to parts unknown by Uncle Sam. But she knew he’d go because adventure is in Matt’s blood. Being stuck in a small town with plain Jane the librarian wasn’t ever in his plans.

Trapped by a flood, with no phone or power, desire tempts them both. Will passion–and Matt’s offer to recreate prom night–lead to a future together? Or are they just dancing in the dark?

My Thoughts:

Good, wholesome, home-town girl meets (again) the sexy, secretive, on-the-go spy. What could go wrong? Not much, apparently! I love reconnection stories about couples who might-have-been at one time but couldn’t for whatever reason, only to rekindle the romance later in life when the stars finally align. This is the perfect example, and a perfect prequel to its companion.  I just wish it had been a full-length story, because Matt and Janey are so adorable together!

There’s not a whole lot to say about this story due to its short nature, but it is definitely worth the read. If I say too much more than the description, that’s pretty much the entire novella! Just take a read for yourself, especially if you plan to read the next one!

Rating: 4

HEAT Rating: Hot

Reviewed By: Daysie W.

Review Courtesy of: My Book Addiction and More