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Published Date: November 25, 2013

ISBN-10: 1494250608

ISBN-13: 978-1494250607

Genre: Western Romance

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Book Description (from Amazon)

Ever since James W Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill, California, it was only a matter of time before thousands flocked to the area to seek their fortune. Lydia Collins is a young woman running a boarding-house with her Aunt May in New York City and when she hears of the discovery, nothing seems more ridiculous to her than the idea of leaving everything behind to chase a dream. After all, she has everything she could possibly want – a successful business and a handsome, charming, fiancé, Jake. However, all that changes with the arrival of the mysterious Silas Jones, who brings with him news that turns Lydia’s world upside down. She begins to wonder if California might not be the best place for her after all and embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime following her heart to see if she can find the greatest treasure of all: love. Fortune Out West is a gripping new series of romantic novels set in the Californian Gold Rush of the mid-19th century. The five books in the collection follow the life of Lydia Collins, as a chain of events leads her to question what it is she really wants – and with whom. Fortune Out West: The Series Includes all 5 Books: Book One: A Rush of Gold to the Head Book Two: Don’t Look Back Book Three: Dry Diggins Book Four: Suspicions and Lies Book Five:Here to Stay


I thoroughly enjoyed this series of western romance novels.  The setting is the California Gold Rush of the mid 19th century.  Although the series is fictional, there are some events in the story that actually occurred in real life.  This series helped me visualize what life was like during the California Gold Rush.

The series is composed of five novels that follow the life of Lydia Collins.  We are introduced to Lydia when she is operating a boarding house in New York City with her Aunt May.  Lydia is newly engaged to Jake Bennet.  When a new boarder, Silas Jones, arrives at the boarding house, he begins to uncover Jake’s background and true identity.  Lydia is shocked when Silas reveals that Jake is not whom he seems.  Lydia finds out Jake’s true intentions too late.  With her savings stolen and Aunt May on her deathbed, Lydia is heartbroken.  She makes the decision to leave her beloved boardinghouse and join the masses headed to California to seek their fortunes.  Lydia crosses paths again with Silas during her travels.  Silas recognizes that Lydia is a strong business woman and he offers her the opportunity to manage his thriving saloon and boarding house in Dry Diggins which is later renamed as Placerville.

Lydia Collins and Silas Jones did not get along in the beginning.  Although they didn’t like each other personally, they each admired the others business capabilities.  They’re able to have an excellent working relationship in Placerville and build a prosperous establishment with the saloon.  As the business grows, so does their personal relationship.  Lydia and Silas soon realize they’re in love.  Their relationship is threatened when a beautiful showgirl from Silas’s past entertains at the saloon.  Lydia has to decide if she will start over in new town, or stand her ground in Placerville.

This is a wonderful western romance series.  K.L. Hemley brings the California Gold Rush to life through the eyes of Lydia Collins.  I have already signed up for K.L. Hemley’s newsletter from the website and I’ll definitely read other books written by this author.

RATING: 4 1/2

Heat Rating:  Sweet

REVIEWED BY:  Molly Waters

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