Clover and the Twins: The Search for the Cloverleaf DogsCLOVER AND THE TWINS; THE SEARCH FOR THE CLOVERLEAF LABRADOR DOGS


Genre: Children’s Book/Animals/Dogs/Adventure

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Print Length: 202 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1480175102

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Publisher: BootStrap Publishing (February 12, 2013)

Language: English



February 12, 2013

Clover and the Twins: The search for the Cloverleaf Labrador dogs

This Labrador Dog Story begins with Channel and Bezel Sini, ten-year-old spokesgirls for Dogs Forever – a Dog rescue. They knew their involvement in an advertising campaign for homeless dogs would be exciting. But not until they adopted a feisty dog, a labrador named Clover did they realize just what a rollercoaster ride it would be.

One night prior to the start of the campaign tour, the twins are awakened by Clover talking in her sleep and making running motions with her legs. Bezel and Channel wake up Clover who explains that she was separated from her dog family on Christmas Eve when a terrifying outlaw she calls Red Eyes tried to capture them in their home in the Chicago trainyard. Clover was successful in luring Red Eyes away from her family, but in the process she hopped on a freight train headed for New York City.

The girls eventually discover that Clover is one of the Cloverleaf Dogs, a line of dogs who, legend has it, rescued people and pets during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The Dogs Forever advertising campaign serves two purposes for Clover and the twins. The first is Dogs Forever’s goal of raising awareness about homeless dogs. And the second is more personal. When they get to the last destination, Chicago, Bezel and Channel have the personal goal of helping Clover find her dog family.

What surprises and frightens Clover and the twins right out of the gate is that they are followed from city to city on the tour by a man in the crowds. As it turns out, Red Eyes did not give up when Clover escaped from him in the Chicago trainyard, and he is determined to capture her again.

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CLOVER AND THE TWINS: The Search for the Cloverleaf Dogs by Nicoletta Barrie is an exciting Children’s Book/Animals/Adventure. What a delightful tale of adventure, animals, the Cloverleaf Dogs, danger and excitement. A treasure for any young or older reader. The characters are enchanting, engaging, and a delight to follow. The storyline will capture your heart as well as your interest. A must read! Received for an honest review.



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