Website: http://kimberlyquinton.com/

Publisher:  Decadent Publishing

Published Date: February 18, 2014

ISBN:  9781613336533

Genre: Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Decadent)

An Old Threat Returns….

After twenty years confinement on an island for crimes against humanity, the last thing disgraced H.E.R.O. Cole wants to hear is the world needs him. But the government’s sexy envoy peaks his interest and his honor.


Enhanced human and the government’s top negotiator, Caroline Sparks’ only mission is to bring in the last H.E.R.O. at any cost. When he asks for two months with her on his island when the mission is over, she can’t refuse even if it means exposing a secret he might kill her over.

Battle to save the world….

With disaster looming at every turn, Cole must choose between vengeance and duty. Can Caroline embrace her latent power and save her hero or will saving the world cost them both everything?


Hero Worship by Kimberly Quinton is a fast-paced scifi thriller with strong romantic elements.  The science fiction and dystopian future of the book are well done.  The one world government; the enhanced and android soldiers; the brain implants: all are well within the realm of possibility.  They lend the story a great deal of weight. The premise of the plot is strong and engaging.

This is a plot-driven book.  The motivations, needs, and desires of the characters are glossed over.  Some characters, like Caroline’s boss, are ciphers.  There is no real motivation given for any of his actions.  Caroline and Cole are even glossed over.  Caroline has minimal backstory and there is little sense of what drives her.   There is even less of a sense about what motivates Cole.  The antagonist is, sadly (because a truly well-developed antagonist is awesome), your average, everyday, want-to-rule-the-world villain.  Cole is the hero, so he acts heroic.  Caroline is the love interest, so they are attracted to each other.  

The plot itself has excellent pacing.  It moves quickly where it needs to and slows down when more attention is required.  The tension is ramped up well, even knowing the identity of the antagonist.  The  flavor of this dystopian world flows well throughout the story.  There is excellent use of terminology to build this world; but the world-building does not feel finished and many questions are left unanswered.

One particular bright spot is Caroline’s implant and her conditioning.  This is elaborated on and definitely works well to elevate the tension both within the greater story and on the personal Caroline/Cole level.  Some more discussion about the implants, the science behind them, and world-building around them would have worked quite well.

If you enjoy a heavy dose of science fiction with your romance or a side of romance with your scifi, you will enjoy this book.  The story is quite engaging and I would like to see and read more, learn more, about this world.


Heat Rating:  Hot

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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