Publisher:  Entangled Publishing

Published Date: December 30, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-62266-439-9

Genre: Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Entangled)

Lady Arabella Sutton is stunned to learn her brother has betrothed her to a stranger despite his promises for a season in London. Although she is the first to admit no man would suit, since she’s more interested in horses than marriage, the last thing she wants is to become a brood mare to a stuffy old earl. Facing a future she cannot abide, she takes an impetuous ride to clear her head and ends up tending her injured mare instead.

Oliver Westwyck, the Earl of Marsdale, can’t believe his luck when he stops at an inn the night before he’s to meet his fiancée. In the stable, while tending the colt he intends to give to his future wife, he happens upon her—rain-drenched but beautiful. She assumes he’s a stable hand, a fine joke he means to end…until Lady Arabella declares all noblemen are egotistical, conceited, and arrogant. How can he reveal his true identity before he’s managed to change her mind and win her heart?


The Earl’s Christmas Colt by Rebecca Thomas is a sweet historical romance featuring mistaken identities.  And don’t forget the horses!

Lady Arabella is a headstrong but loving young lady and a keen horsewoman.  She’d rather be riding or spending time in the stables than sitting in drawing rooms with young misses.  She’s not interested in the playing the marriage mart but she does want to decide who her husband will be.  Her brother, on the other hand, has definite ideas about what her future holds, and it isn’t staying at home with him and her horses.

Oliver, Earl of Marsdale, has quite the stables.  He’s agreed to marry Arabella on the recommendation of her brother, with whom he is friends.  He’s heard about her interest in horses and brings her a betrothal gift.  But ah!  If only it were that easy!

When Arabella rides off in a huff over her brother’s high handedness, she ends up having to shelter overnight.  When she meets Marsdale, she assumes he is a groom and then later perhaps a wealthy horse breeder.  Marsdale doesn’t realize who she is at first and once he does, he takes the opportunity to learn a bit more about his betrothed.  Unfortunately for him, he discovers she doesn’t think highly of him at all.

This is a lighthearted and very sweet romance.  Aside from the mistaken identity and initial upset, though, there is not much to it.  It’s excellent for some light reading of an evening.


Heat Rating:  Sweet

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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