Publisher: Avon

Published date: December 31, 2013

ISBN-10: 0062237241

ISBN-13: 978-0062237248

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description (from amazon)

When friends become lovers . . .

Firefighter and former Marine Jackson Wilder has tough guy down to an art, but he’s learned the hard way that promises were made to be broken. Abigail Morgan was once his best friend, his first kiss, his first love, his first everything. He’d just forgotten to mention all that to her and she blew out of his life. Five years later, she’s back and he’s battling a load of mistrust for her disappearing act. But for some reason he just can’t keep his lips—or his hands—to himself.

It can lead to disaster or . . .

When her stint as a trophy wife abruptly ends, Abby returns home to Sweet, Texas, and comes face-to-face with Jackson—her biggest and sexiest mistake. Time and distance did nothing to squash her love for the act-first-think-later stubborn hunk of a man, and when he suggests they renew their old just-friends vow, Abby realizes she wants more. She’d cut and run once. Could she do it again? Or could she tempt him enough to break his promise?

My Thoughts

A wonderfully engaging story of friendship, heartache and second chances.  Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry is a fun and sexy read and everything I wanted from the Sweet, Texas series!

When Abby Morgan strolls back into town intent on fixing up her parents old house and then moving on with her life, she knows she’s going to run into Jackson Wilder, she’s just hoping she can keep her distance from her old best friend.  The last thing she wants is for her feelings to show through and for her to get her heart crushed…again.  Easier said than done though.  Jackson’s still hot as ever and determined to be in her way.

Jackson has always had a thing for Abby, but has just never been able to admit it.  He’s too afraid of losing his best friend when she rejects him.  But she’s back in town and he just can’t seem to keep his lips to himself.  Abby’s had a rough go of it since she left Sweet and Jackson is trying to help her rediscover herself and forget her jerk-of-an-ex-husband.  The only problem is that he is still very attracted to her and scared to death to let her know it.

While the whole town of Sweet sees that Jackson and Abby belong together, Jackson and Abby just can’t seem to get together.  Is their friendship going to stand in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love?  Maybe a little help from the rest of the Wilder family will help steer them in the right direction…

Loved this book!  The Abby and Jackson’s story was simply amazing.  Their back story and chemistry made this story such a wonderful and enjoyable read. The setting of Sweet, Texas was delightful, with all the supporting characters that makes this series so much fun to read.  But don’t worry, even though it’s part of a series, this is a great stand-alone read also!  I loved the way that Jackson’s ex-wife was portrayed in such a wonderful light and the relationship that developed between Jackson’s daughter Izzy and Abby was heartwarming.  Jackson’s mom, Jana, and brothers also helped to add a bit of humor to the story.  And of course, I simply couldn’t wait for Jackson and Abby to finally find their happy ending!  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Something Sweeter.  Well done Ms. Terry!

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by AprilP

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