Author: Christian Bertoni

Publisher:  eBookIt.com

Published Date: March 19, 2012


Genre: Mystery

Source: This book was received for the purpose of an honest review.


This is not your mother’s Nancy Drew.
Randi Guseberri is the leader of The Pink Sneakers Club, an aspiring wannabe detective, who’s always got a plan. Kaye West is the tough, Goth girl with a personality that’s always covered in sarcasm and quick wit, and an absolute whiz when it comes to computers. Caren James is the typical blond hair blue-eyed beauty, with her ballerina posture and stolid gaze, she’s often pegged as arrogant or aloof. And last but not least is Deirdre Brocktin, the shy, quiet science geek.
On an ordinary Thursday afternoon at 3:05 pm the Chemical Plant across the river sounds its horn indicating a shift change . . . followed by a scream. Belinda Johnson falls from the school roof, her body slamming onto the hood of a parked SUV. The primary suspect – her Quarterback boyfriend Mark Harris.
Now the girls will race to find out what happened to Belinda and help Mark Harris who has been arrested. But as they get closer to the truth they realize that all is not as it seems. Randi, Caren, Kaye and Deirdre will be plunged into a conspiracy that could threaten their very lives unless they uncover the truth in time.
The Pink Sneakers Club is a fast paced story with rich characters and witty dialogue narrated in the voice of each girl. It has some of the tried and true stereotypes one comes to rely on in mystery stories, with several twists and turns that make it brilliantly unique. With its detail and violence, this book is not for the faint of heart.


Randi, Caren, Kaye and Deirdre are the four members of The Pink Sneakers Club.  As you could guess the four are known for their pink sneakers.  All the girls come from different backgrounds and social status, from the rich girl to the trailer park girl.  Everything was normal in high school until that day when the bell rang at the factory.  Nothing would be the same again.

The amateur sleuths decided to find out what happened the day everything changed.  They never in a million years would have thought their town could be so rich in criminals right under their nose. I am afraid if I tell more I will spoil it for the reader, so I will stop with that description.

This book was amazing.  I read it in a day because I could not and would not put the book down.  The mystery was so well written I was immersed in the story.  You have four teenage girls speaking from their point of view and in each chapter you get a different perspective.  The story comes together with all of their accounts, but you are never confused.  It was a smooth read with a great deal of action.  I would recommend this book to a teen-adult. A great recommended read.

Rating 4.5

Heat Rating Sweet

Reviewed By Rae

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