Publisher:  Firetrail Publishing

Published Date: November 2013

ISBN:  978-0-9912517-0-4

Genre: Romance

Source: Received for an honest review from publisher

Book Description (from Amazon)

A playboy in hiding
A woman searching for answers
Will he let her in or send her packing? 

After a tragic accident, Chef Chase Fitzgerald left his life in Los Angeles behind and moved to a ranch in Montana. He’s convinced that all he needs to be happy are his horses, a few ranch hands and the Big Sky Country. Until one day, Nikki Savoy walks through his doors with her city clothes, sexy mouth, and a body designed to drive a man insane.

Nikki wants to know the truth about the accident that left her sister in a coma. Getting a job at Chase’s ranch is just the beginning. Throw in a crafty housekeeper, a cantankerous old cowboy, a few adorable horses, and an attraction that can’t be denied, and you have a recipe for disaster or romance. Will Nikki get her answers or will Chase offer her something better?


Surrender to Temptation by E.B. Walters is the sixth book in her Fitzgerald Family series but it works quite well as a standalone book.  When Chase’s restaurant goes up in flames catching his new sous-chef in the conflagration, he runs from the pain and fear, runs all the way from Los Angeles to Montana.  On his ranch, he becomes a recluse, fighting daily for composure.  His mix of authoritarian and fearful, gentle and brusque works very well.  It is very clear that the trauma of the fire (aside from the physical issues which also exist) was significant.

Nikki just wants to protect her sister, her sister being said sous-chef.  So, she goes “undercover” to find out just what Chase plans to do.  Nikki is a bit naive, a bit feisty, and a lot of woman.  She’s not afraid to stand up for herself, but very protective of those she loves.  She also had her own insecurities tied up in family.

The mystery of the book is who started the fire and why.  Nikki’s sister is being blamed, but she is also the one most hurt by it.  Chase has his suspicions; Nikki wants to prove it wasn’t her sister and both of them are talking, just not to each other.  But, this is the Fitzgerald family; they protect each other.  The perp will be outed; the Fitzgeralds will be ok.

This was a fun book, somewhat lighthearted, and well-written.  The tension between Nikki and Chase was palpable.  The intrusion of the Fitzgeralds was expected and both a blessing and a curse for Chase.  There is strong romance and strong suspense.


Heat Rating:  Hot

REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves

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