What it is, Why we do it, hen we do it, How to Overcome it!

Cris Baker

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Print Length: 170 pages

Publisher: Motivational Press

Publication date: October 1, 2013


Genre: Self-help / personal development

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Book Description (from Amazon)

Consciously or unconsciously, you either use life’s fundamental principles for you – or against you. The key to success is simple: to put your energy into what does work, rather than what doesn’t. Discover how to gently enlarge your perspective, correcting mistaken beliefs and what you inaccurately think is right. Since your context creates your thoughts, you’ll then have different thoughts about what seems right which will change your behavior. Discover how to control your thoughts and make more effective choices with this powerful book and its exercises designed to overcome your self sabotage.

My Thoughts:

SELF-SABOTAGE? who isn’t an expert on this subject. I wanted to read this to get a better insight into my own behaviors and while reading this it was really fascinating. Some of this stuff I already knew from other personal development books I have read so it really wasn’t a surprise. The ideas presented are easy enough to do but also easy not to do. You really have to want to make the change in order for these things to work. It definitely was worth the read.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by: KellyR

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