Agents of the Crown Series:  Book 1

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Published date: July 23, 2012


Genre: Historical Romance–Regency

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description (from amazon)

The intrepid daughter of an earl leaves Regency London for the Parisian court of Louis XVIII, where she finds adventure, mystery, and above all, love.


Hugh Redgrave, marquess of Ormond, was warned. Prinny had dubbed Lady Mary Campbell “the Swan,” but no ordinary man could clip her wings. She was a bluestocking hellion, an ill-advised match by every account. Luckily, he sought no bride. His work lay on the continent, where he’d become legend by stealing war secrets from Boney. And yet, his memories of Lady Mary riding her stallion were a thorn in his mind. He was the son of a duke and in the service of the Prince Regent…and he would not be whole until he had won her hand.


It was unheard of for a Regency debutante to postpone her first season, yet Lady Mary had done just that. Far more interested in politics than a husband, she had no time for foolishness or frippery. Already she had assisted her statesman uncle in Paris, and she swore to return to the court of Louis XVIII no matter the danger. Like her black stallion, Midnight, she would always run free. Only the truest heart would race beside her.

My Thoughts

What a great novel to introduce a new series by Regan Walker!  I absolutely adore a novel with a slightly rebellious leading lady!!  Throw in some action related to spies and agents and you’ve got the perfect historical fiction for me!

When Hugh Redgrave, aka Ormond, first laid eyes on the lovely, spirited, Lady Mary, he knew she was nothing but trouble.  Beauty, perched upon a black stallion, racing the wind.  And he knew that she would be a women that would not be broken.  Not looking for a bride, Hugh was happy to look but not touch.  That is until he learns that she will be accompanying her uncle to the continent.  All manners of trying to keep the lovely lady in England were thwarted when he learned that the Prince Regent, not only wanted her help with Crown matters, but also might want her in other, more intimate ways.  Determined to keep her safe, even from herself, Hugh becomes her protector.  Not an easy job for someone like Lady Mary who thrives on the thrill of adventures.  As situations arise that are dangerous for her, Hugh and Mary find themselves in each other’s company quite often, making it difficult for them to deny the mutual attraction between them.  But as events unfold that seem impossible to overcome, Hugh and Mary must make hard choices that will affect not only them, but others.  Will Hugh and Mary find a way to surrender to love, or are they destined remain alone?

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this novel!  I loved the fast paced, thrilling events that occurred throughout the novel.  I found that I could not put it down!  Mary’s impulsive nature puts her in harm’s way often and leaves Hugh coming to her rescue over and over again.  There is so much action, adventure, and drama all rolled up into this historical romance that it is the perfect regency spy novel!  I have to admit that when I was finished with the novel, I was a little sad that their story was over!  I am definitely looking forward to reading the next novel in the Agents of the Crown Series, Against the Wind, and others by Regan Walker.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by AprilP

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