Author: Jane Tesh

Website: http://www.janetesh.com/

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Published Date: September 29, 2013



Genre: Mystery

Source: This book was received for the purpose of an honest review.


Who is audacious enough to steal an antique box once owned by Harry Houdini? This collector’s treasure, skillfully hidden in the local Magic Club— a nightclub where magicians perform—is not merely an old theatrical prop. It is the prize in a contest that promises to jumpstart a magician’s career. At least that’s what Taft and Lucas Finch hoped before their prized possession was stolen. Private investigator David Randall is already busy searching for socialite Sandy Olaf’s missing diamond bracelet when he begins the search for Houdini’s box. But instead of finding the valuable box, Randall finds Taft murdered, his body locked in a backstage trunk. The magical world is brimming with jealous suspects, less successful magical competitors, romantic rivals, business conflicts, and festering hurts from long ago. Randall’s friend Camden is concerned with losing his voice, his girlfriend Kary insists on being a magician’s assistant, and Cam’s girlfriend Ellin has to deal with the overbearing Sheila Kirk, wife of a potential sponsor, who insists on hosting the Psychic Service Network’s programs. Warned away from interfering in a police homicide investigation, Randall focuses on finding the box, searching for a missing diamond bracelet, and handling the crises embroiling his unique housemates in their rambling home on Grace Street. It will take a stroke of magic to connect the interlocking circles of these crimes.


David Randall was on the case to find the missing diamond bracelet when Mr Taft came looking for his help.  Mr. Taft lost a box, not any box though, this one belonged to the famous magician Houdini.  Randall and his psychic friend Camden were looking for clues.  But with a room full of people who are known to be great at slight at hand tricks and illusion the pair had a growing list of suspects.  Not to mention the men had to deal with personal issues concerning their girl friends.  They are strong assertive women and are more than willing to help no matter what the cost or danger.  While Randall is searching for the box he discovers a body and now his job just got even harder.

This was a great book.  I loved the magic aspects and the information about Houdini.  The book had me guessing the whole time to find out who did the crime.  All of the characters were a main part and had little side stories.  I love books with psychic characters.  Camden was a great part of the book and I enjoyed the info that he received.  I have not read a book based on magicians before and found it very interesting.  This is 3rd in a series but I picked it up with no problem.  But, after reading this I would love to read the first two books. A great mystery, well worth reading.

Rating 4.5

Heat Rating Sweet

Reviewed By Rae