Sweet, Texas Series:  Book 1

Publisher: Avon

Published date:  June 25, 2013

ISBN-10: 0062237225

ISBN-13: 978-0062237224

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for a honest review

Book Description (from amazon)

Welcome to Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas, a sexy new contemporary series where the wild Wilder brothers find love in a town that, despite its name, is anything but sweet…

War and the deaths of loved ones have changed Ex-marine Reno Wilder’s attitude. Now this military man is ready to settle down into a calmer life. So when Sweet is chosen as a destination for a makeover TV show, he’s less than pleased about the potential disruption to his routine.

Headstrong show host and designer Charlotte Brooks arrives in Sweet ready to change everything, including Reno. Locked in a face-off neither saw coming, will they be able to find common ground and realize that a life together could be sexy…and also very sweet?

My Thoughts

A wonderfully entertaining novel by Candis Terry.   When sassy, sexy, big shot TV star Charlotte Brooks rolls into Sweet Texas, Reno Wilder is determined to derail her plans to make over and change his hometown.  But what he doesn’t realize is that he’ll be the one derailed!  He can’t believe how attracted he is to her, and what’s worse is once he gets to know her, he begins to see that she isn’t exactly the person he had her pegged for.  Sure she’s hot, but she’s also fun, compassionate, and exactly what he needs to help him overcome the pain he’s suffered from losing his fiancée, father, and older brother.  Charlotte grew up with a marine father and lost her mother at an early age.  She’s used to moving around and never really having a place to call home.  Sure, she’s got a place to live, but it’s never really had that “stay here forever” feel.  When she rolls into Sweet and meets all the warm and friendly people, she begins to think that she’s finally found a place she’d love to live, permanently.  Her only problem is a big, sulky, ex-marine that’s determined to get in her way.  But as she spends more time with Reno, she realizes that there’s something there, something more than wild animal attraction. Can she break down the walls Reno has built around his heart and find a way to help him heal?  And can she finally find a home in Sweet, Texas?

What an amazing new series from Candis Terry.  I loved the hometown dynamics of Sweet and can’t wait to read more!  Charlotte and Reno will simply make you melt.  And with great supporting characters like Reno’s mom and brothers you can’t ask for more.  From drama, romance and comedy, you’ll find a little bit of everything in this novel!  Be sure to pick up your copy today, it’s definitely worth it! This is a novel I will read again and again.  It’s an easy, entertaining read.  Great for a lazy day on the couch!

 Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by AprilP

Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More