Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Sword & Sorcery

Source: Received for an honest review from the authors.

The Experiment, a new novel from the imaginations of Cindy C Bennett, Sherry Gammon, and Jeffery Moore!

Time is running out for the Collaborative’s oppressive rule of the remote world Senca One. The government attempts to suppress the escalating riots, even while seeking to further their experiments. When their parents are taken, triplets Juliet, Cilla, and Emiah Tripp set out to locate them, and soon discover they are at the center of a hunt to capture them.

Evading the Collaborative across Senca One’s harsh terrain, they’re confronted with the trials of survival. They also discover something that changes the very core of their reality: they’re morphs. Struggling to adapt to the strange new ability, they question what they really are . . . and why. Are the rumors of experiments done on children true? Did their scientist parents have anything to do with it?


Their quest brings them to the capitol city of Brighton, which is on the verge of revolt. While searching for information about their parents, the Tripps align themselves with the very people fueling the rebellion. They unwittingly spark the revolution they want no part of and discover something more dangerous than they suspected.

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THE EXPERIMENT by CINDY C. BENNETT, SHERRY GAMMON AND JEFFERY MOORE is a fact paced,action filled Young Adult/Fantasy/Science Fiction/ Sword & Sorcery.
Filled with plenty of action,romance and mystery. Three masterful and talented authors collaborate to produce a story of imagination,shifters,sci-fi, that is futuristic and fantasy. While on a guest to find their parents, triplets, Juliet,Cilla, and Emiah Tripp find themselves as well as a few hidden secrets are revealed,their own powers and a rebellion. They find themselves in a more dangerous situation than they thought possible. Please be aware there are some swearing and lots of nakedness involved in the
morphing,of course, we all know you can not Morph with clothes on,right? The names to me was a bit confusing, but than triplets usually are,right? I got over it quickly! Also the epilogue to me was a bit long and drawn out,with a few inconsistencies as well. The storyline was fast paced and interesting. The characters where also engaging. I would recommend “The Experiment” to Young Adult readers(older teenagers). Of course this is my opinion only! With all of this said, “The Experiment” is an enjoyable read in fact a good read all around! If you enjoy fantasy,shifters, Science Fiction with a twist,and fast paced stories than “The Experiment” is the story for you to read. An enjoyable read for your Autumn reading. Received from the authors for an honest review.



REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More