Product DetailsTitle: The Love of My (Other) Life

Author: Traci Slatton


Publisher: Parvati Press

Publication Date: January 17, 2013

ISBN-10: 0984672621

ISBN-13: 978-0984672622


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Print Length: 236 pages

Genre: Time travel / romance

Source: Received for an honest review.

Book Description Courtesy of Amazon:

What worlds would you move to be with your soulmate?

Painter Tessa Barnum is struggling. Her husband left, she’s broke, about to be evicted and has made some serious missteps in her career.

When scruffy Brian Tennyson explodes into her life, claiming to be from an alternate universe, Tessa thinks he’s a crazy vagabond – albeit one with mysterious and undeniable appeal.

Then he informs her that in his world, they’re married.

Tessa’s universe is turned upside down as the truth of love and loss, victory and humiliation, and second chances comes back to her. She has to choose love over logic to reach that state of anticipation where miracles unfold.

The secret to her own life was always in her heart.

My Thoughts:

I liked the premise of this story; it seemed like a unique plotline that would be a quick and easy read. It was quick, it was easy, I liked most of the plot ideas and the characters, but pieces of the story left a little to be desired. I definitely liked the alternate universe Tessa better than the present universe version. That probably had more to do with their respective life choices than anything else, though. I also think I would have rather read the (other) love story, including more of Bryan’s ways of wooing. (Maybe there should be a companion book??) There was just something about this Tessa’s dialogue and thought processes that I didn’t get, although I can’t quite put my finger on what it was. Bryan was funny and engaging and a much more likeable character overall, in my opinion.

There were quite a few good scenes between them and I think they made a great pair.  I wish Bryan had been a little more forthcoming on who he was and why he was there from the beginning. This would have allowed them to get the unbelievable-ness and explanations out-of-the-way quicker and the story could have moved on more expediently. I’m glad that even though the alternate universe Bryan had to return to his dimension, that he engineered a way for the present universe Tessa and Bryan to unite and become acquainted. I do wish that their story had continued a little longer or maybe had an epilogue.

Rating: 3

HEAT Rating: Mild

Reviewed By: Daysie W.

Review Courtesy of: My Book Addictions and More