Product DetailsTwo of a Kind

Susan Mallery

Genre: Romance

Source: received for an honest review 

Book Description (Amazon):

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery welcomes readers back to Fool’s Gold, where a onetime fling could become the real thing.…

Felicia Swift never dreamed she’d hear a deep, sexy voice from her past in tiny Fool’s Gold, California. The last time Gideon Boylan whispered in her ear was half a world away…on the morning after the hottest night of her life. Her freaky smarts have limited her close friendships, and romance, but she came to Fool’s Gold looking for ordinary. Gorgeous, brooding Gideon is anything but that.

Black Ops taught Gideon that love could be deadly. Now he pretends to fit in while keeping everyone at arm’s length. Felicia wants more than he can give—a home, family, love—but she has a lot to learn about men…and Gideon needs to be the man to teach her.

As these two misfits discover that passion isn’t the only thing they have in common, they just might figure out that two of a kind should never be split apart..


My thoughts, mmmm the Fool’s Gold Bodyguard Trilogy just got better with book number 2.  Ah, Felicia – I love Felicia!!  I truly wish I could meet her, heck I wish I could join in one of the Girl’s lunches at Jo’s or at Brew-haha.  If you love cute, quirky characters than Felicia is your girl.  She is a self-proclaimed misfit who is unsure of herself and just does not see her worth.  Gideon a Black Ops turned late night DJ at his Oldie’s radio station. He is funny and light-hearted at times, but he also craves and needs his solitude to heal from his time overseas.  Gideon and Felicia have a special connection and reconnect is Fool’s Gold.  They are supportive of each other and just fit.

I love how honest and blunt Felicia and Gideon are with each other. Their honesty is almost soul-bearing and harsh at times.  Again, as in book one of this Bodyguard trilogy  Mallery introduces new characters which continues to add to the development and complexity of Fool’s Gold, CA – which is just as big of a character as the characters themselves.  This book will leave you happy – an aching kinda happy.




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