Lynne Marshall

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (Oct 19, 2012)


SOURCE: Received for review from the publisher

Publication Date: October 17, 2012

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Joy Waltham is stressed out. Before she can expand her business empire, she needs her ex-husband’s signature dissolving his silent partnership. A trip to Maine to find her ex, get the signature, and chill out seems ideal. But instead of relaxing, Joy winds up in the middle of a mystery–and wrapped in the overprotective arms of Comfort’s chief of police–her ex-husband.

After retiring from LAPD, Paul Donovan took charge of tiny Comfort’s police department. Bored senseless, he’s still not ready for chaos in the form of his ex-wife shaking up his life. Joy arrives just in time to meddle in his investigation of a string of accidental deaths. Now forced to work together, Joy and Paul confront some unexpected challenges.

It’s emotional deja vu as they dig through their thorny past, reawaken old sexual attraction, and face the fact they never stopped loving each other.


Most people admit making a mistake at one point or another due to pride. In TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT by Lynne Marshall, Joy and Paul are no different. Unfortunately, in their case, it cost them their marriage.

As a successful entrepreneur, Joy travels to handle a legal matter for her business and causes chaos for the sheriff in town, also known as her ex. Joy is full of fun little quirks and a great attitude on life. Paul indulges her whim of undercover police work with a bit too much complacency; however, it does not take away from the enjoyment of the story. Almost from the start, you know this couple still cares deeply for each other and cheer them through each remaining marital disagreement.

I recommend for anyone who likes a feel good story with a little suspense/mystery.