AUTHOR John M W Smith

Publication Date: August 9, 2011


Publisher: John M W Smith


Why is the colour khaki missing from all the colours in a rainbow? What deal does Katy make with the witch at the bottom of the garden in return for smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches? Why does Sophie’s dad embarrass her by insisting on dancing when her friends are around? Why is Margo Bigbelly so terrifying that we can only meet her at the end of the story? What in the name of tarnation has happened on the M1 motorway—why is the traffic at a complete standstill? There is something very strange about Ricky and his sister, Lola, and you won’t see it unless you keep looking very carefully. Something is not right about Mrs Bentley, because she seems intent on ruining Jessica’s birthday. Starz Stellanova and his crew land on Earth in their gleaming spaceship only to find something very shocking indeed. Is one of the greatest concert tenors in the world really a monster? Yes, the answers to all these questions are certainly not simple or straightforward. And in trying to learn the truth behind these answers the reader gradually becomes aware that there are many, many mighty strange things going on……….!.


WACKY STORIES FOR KIDS is true to it’s name.  This is a book of short stories for children that I found very interesting.  I think some are cute, funny and some truly wierd.  In Margo Bigbelly the author gives a very interesting way to solve problems with bullies.  I really enjoyed this story and feel my older son will enjoy it too.  I also loved learning how a rainbow is made.  This novel is for older child and their parents.  This book was received for the purpose of an honest review.

                                                   Reviewed by Rae

                                                       RATING 4.5

                                                     NO HEAT RATING