Dangerous Proposal (The Pinnacles of Power)DANGEROUS PROPOSAL: BY JESSICA LAURYN

SOURCE: Received for an honest review from the publisher

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Publication Date: June 15, 2012


 For ten agonizing years, Alec Westwood has been keeping a secret from the world. At nineteen, he nearly committed the most horrific of crimes—murder in cold blood—and narrowly escaped the assigned task with his life. When a stunning young woman crosses his path wearing the insignia for the underground organization that recruited him, he vows not to let fate get a second chance. But when the enchantress gives him a kiss that leaves him spellbound, Alec realizes the power she holds is greater than all his strength and fortitude combined…

On the run from her psychotic fiancé, Lena Benson vows to forge a new life, even if that means befriending a witch, and practicing the craft of the devil. But when her new friend Jack tells her to stay away from Alec Westwood, the man she believes her fiancé hired to track her down, and the handsome stranger she kissed in a tavern, Lena vows to take matters into her own hands. Alec may have the charm, but she’s calling the shots this time, even if that means resisting the man responsible for giving her the most intimate kiss of her life, a man who’s eyes and touch rob her, literally, of sense…

My Thoughts

DANGEROUS PROPOSAL begins with a very sexy meeting between Alec and Lena but from the first moment misconceptions abound.  The plot is unique.  Through the entire book Alec and Lena don’t trust each other and their suspicions are their excuses for keeping each other close.  Spending time together is something they both enjoy though and long before they realize it, they are in love.  Alec is quite shocked to find he really wants Lena for his wife after asking her to marry him as a ruse to get her to confess her nefarious intent.  Lena realizes she loves Alex but doesn’t believe they can safely be together.

Lauryn writes very well and creates a magnetism between her characters that draws the reader in but the plot at times, despite a clever premise and several truly creative scenes, was a bit week. This said, I still really enjoyed the book.

Received by the publisher for an honest review.

Rating: 4.0

Heat Rating: Mild:Mild detailed scenes of intimacy, mild violence or profanity.

Reviewed By: ReadWarrior